June Intuitive Forecast: Be Prepared to Embrace Any Outcome


Before we delve into June’s spiritual forecast, here are a few questions that you may want to think about as you accumulate the knowledge and growth you obtained over the course of May. I find that this is always helpful so that you may continue your process in flow and utilize your new tools for what’s to come. I mean, if you know you’re going to need to nail something into a board, you’d grab your hammer before you started, right?

What didn’t go the way you wanted or expected (not always a negative response)?

How did it teach you in the long run that what you wanted still came just not how you set out to receive it?

How did you see the cause and effect of your own karma?

What values were gifted deeper meaning?

How did you deepen outer self authenticity?

How did you mend relationships or strengthen bonds that exalt you?

Define your most prominent relationships symbolically,  based on how they represented karmic return. (Example: My consistent and stubborn outpour of love towards my stepchildren earned me a stepmom title and Mother’s Day gifts for the first time ever. Thus, that relationship would be my Compassionate Love Karma.) This is a great exercise to spell out meaningful value to all of your interactions.  

Last month was a big one, and in fact, as I tuned in to share a little of my story, I found it hard to remember exactly what had happened. For me personally, the theme of creating a new reality through human connection was full and fast paced. Not only did I deepen the bonds of lasting friendships through intense spiritual talk, but by stepping out of my comfort zone, I was blessed with sharing energy between some of the most brilliant minds. People I never imagined existed. I found myself magnetizing the eccentric, the metaphysical, the mystic, and mathematic brilliances that have enhanced my own newest Self in ways I could not feel richer for gaining. I set out this year to really go for a calling I never expected to have; that of a spirit/ascended master/angelic/gods communicator and claircognizant. Not only has my line to the Gods/Ascended Realm grown stronger, but so has my ability to build an intuitive blueprint and bring it into physical reality. With trust and a little grit, I was beyond excited to accomplish the manifesting of soulmates for clients, and watch/aid in the growth of consciousness in a handful of others, both friends and clients. Being a weaver is still something I’m vulnerable to share outside my niche group of friends who at very least accept that what I’m doing helps people in big ways, but I’m continuing to push my beliefs around acceptance in a mainstream setting.

Seeing how much foundational work was completed in retrospect really makes me feel excited for the opportunities that may arise this month, and the excitement for possibilities and manifesting growth of my current motivations and desires. It seems to me that some unexpected or better than hoped for events are on the horizon. So let’s dive in and see what my annual had predicted before we get to have a deeper look:

“The isolation and negativity brought on from the previous months is resolved here. Balance will be restored and big changes will be ahead of us. In particular for those experiencing hardships in love. There is never as much revealed in these situations, I think because our guides know how naughty we are with making and holding expectations, or elevating the promise of “good.” So the message is short and general (and tied in with the 13th card).

Simply: Keep an open mind and open heart to what may be presented to you this month as any changes could be a manifestation of your desires.”

Now, let’s take that step further and see how we may best use the energies of the coming month so that we may restore our focus and continue building our new and authentic realities. 



Theme of the month: There will be some pretty big ending cycles this month that will conclude the negative or harder cycles of your path. It seems we all have difficult relationships (with others or parts of self) that have kind of killed our motion forward, previously. This month offers us a balancing, releasing, or embracing opportunity for these hang ups as we discover and rename the meaning it all holds so we can rebirth the experience to suit us supportively. Do not worry about the loss or alteration that comes as a product of what you are trying to restore balance to. Understand that in all of the events you may experience, you are clearing space for something new to arrive. Intuitively, I’m going to say this month will be a lot of checking in with yourself and questioning who you are, and what aspects of your expression are no longer supporting your authenticity and the new path you are on, the new reality you are building. You have come to an end point, where it’s time to make choices and physical changes. This is definitely the good that was predicted in the annual spread. You have overcome the conflict experience and now will be given the knowledge needed to make choices for your life and what your Highest Self desires. The productivity and clarity of mind will be extremely satisfying after this cycle of tense discovery. 

What to work on letting go: Your definition of wealth and the resentment that is tied to it when you feel let down from expectation. I’m getting loud and clear that a lot of unpredictable things are going to come to each of us, and the gifts may not be dollar bills falling from the sky. Or maybe it will. Basically the thing you’d least expect to happen will likely be the thing as a way to teach you a lesson. Some of us will be due for some amazing gifts, like dreams coming to fruition, desired incomes, big goals being reached. We may experience love in the way we have always wanted, or freedom from life’s constraints. Or you may get some hard lessons and ending of things as means to show you where you are still attached to unsupportive habits and expressions. Either way these are all invaluable gifts from hard work put in or unconscious patterns to break. The important thing to remember is to be productive with your time, but in a way that serves your soul and not your ego-made ground rules. As an example, I will share with you here that I struggle not doing something “useful” when the truth is the useful thing I need to be doing is nothing. Or playing. Or day dreaming. When you let go of the rules for abundance, the wildest things can come piggly-wiggly right into your lap. I’m smiling, one at my horrible little joke, but also because I’m being given a little sample of the vibration some of us will be feeling as a product of our previous outputs and it feels GOOD.

What should come under evaluation for transmutation:  Allowing every day sorrows to fester into long lasting marks on an otherwise progressive climb up. Or making a downhill cruise into an uphill battle. Examine where you hold delusional ideas and restrictions on the interactions you have with the people around you. Understand that disappointment is not judgement but failed expectation. I know I talk about it a lot but it seems to be a consistent habit many of us maintain. On another perspective, I am reminded of the saying that asks you to understand if it was a bad five minutes that was carried through an entire day, or if the day was overall horrible? You are responsible for the way you respond to the life you manifest. When you understand that you created these lacking experiences, then you breathe useful meaning into what you’ve defined as useless. Are you bored? What is it around you that you have outgrown? Are you stressed about a situation? What are you teaching yourself to overcome and navigate by understanding what you do need to remain in a peaceful state? Sad you can’t afford to go shopping when you want? What values need to be recognized and reassigned? The biggest thing we can do in our lives is shift the way we perceive “negative” experiences. What could be a simple, “oh I see what the message is” turns into “my life sucks and no matter what I do bad things happen to me.” Cruise and take in the scenery, shift accordingly, we are all coming into alignment this month, why sabotage that?

What has been neglected and needs restoration: Our ability to receive good news when it comes and allow help when it is offered. We have spent a lot of time “inside” working ourselves out and figuring out how we tick now that we have made so many alterations to Self. There will be communications this month that will offer outstanding improvements to your life as long as you don’t scoff at the opportunity. Alternatively, these connections and correspondences will also allow you the chance to stretch your new legs and be a person of influence from the wealth of your individual talents and interests. Not only do we need to restore our self value and place in the world, we need to restore our faith in positive outcomes from positive outpours and good intentions sent out at the beginning of the year. We have all asked for some big things, and those things take time. Keep your eyes open for some return this month and don’t hesitate to take the fortunate experiences when they come. As you read this, do a self check on where pride/embarrassment/shame/arrogance may get in the way of some amazing gifts. Example not taking help because it hurts your pride, etc.

What you can look forward to and send out your intention towards: Getting positive news that corresponds to ending cycles that may not immediately seem wonderful. I feel that the nature of the information will be a guiding light to the new beginnings and opportunities coming to you. You may be shown how to jump the last hurdle of the cycle to break free and run forward into a better aligned lifestyle. Take some time today or in the beginning of the month to set your intentions around the appearance of positive guidance, signs, and information that will help you arrive into desired abundance or relationship status. Again, keep your eyes peeled for intermediaries or communications that may be the portal to obtaining what you’ve set out to experience in your best reality. Send these intentions/prayers/meditations out with the most joy you can express and be confident in the product that is brought back to you.

Something to prioritize healing: Your path that is ruled by your desires and inherant trades-ability. We were all born with a purpose on this Earth, and we all have predisposed talents that come easily and make us feel good when we use them. Heal your confidence, belief, and resolve in this path if you wish to have true wealth and fulfillment in life. To me, this is kind of a great card to get in a healing position because how hard is it, really, to just do what you love and dream of doing in the first place? Just focus on aligning with your heart based ventures as consistently as you possibly can. Be open to transforming love relationships into something deeper, or getting the recognition you’ve wanted for the work you’re doing. Heal your ability to see when your ambition is paying off in a culture that otherwise is addicted to complaining despite the successes they may be getting. Don’t fall into the “enough is never enough” trap of modern culture.


Overall I do believe that with the gifts of connection and communication also come necessary output into the public world around you. This month is going to publicly emphasize the work you’ve done so far as a balancing reaction to your previous action. Have you been honorable in your dealings, or has scandal been the habit you pursued to get what you wanted? Regardless of your answer here, everything that happens as a result is being created to rebalance your wellbeing, and will either project you forward on your path, or center you back onto it. A lot of relationship stuff will be resolved and worked out in a way that will offer direction for each individual. Look forward to the fact that we will all be outer-world embarking on our spiritual journey we only just perceived in January. Think about how powerful that is. That in just six months, which to the Cosmos is not even a blink of the eye, you have conceptualized, built, and designed your dream that is now ready to be debuted and used to weave your future and interaction in the world as an honored individual. That’s some pretty huge stuff! Be excited for all of that, and really let it sink in, on a deep and satisfying level.






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