July Intuitve Forecast: The active nature of nurture


Last month, we spent a lot of time dissecting what beliefs and traditions were outdated in terms of self expression and identity. We questioned things that we had previously just accepted out of routine and dug up insights about our true authenticity. Before we dive into this months forecast, let’s take a minute and ask a few questions about last months awakening:

What unexpected or well earned gifts/goals entered into my life?

What self expressive habits did I realize I needed to change?

where did you regain responsibility for your life and manifesting?

What blessing in disguise did you receive?

What truth did you learn about your path of desires?


Now that we have some things to remind us of the inner overhaul we did in June, we have a refreshed vision of how to allow our outer reality to support it, and what we need to do to create a physical experience that provides us with what we truly want/need.

Personally, I seemed to receive so many unexpected gifts last month that brought me to realize the depth of importance my path and relationships have on my spiritual expression. I realized that my own lack of belief in self and my own self prejudice was the thing keeping me from the gifts sitting on my doorstep. I learned to take responsibility for my WILL as opposed to allowing collective agreements and guidelines to inspire where I set my beliefs on the process of my will. In fact, I totally regained my individual power over my will with a force I never would have imagined. In so doing, through a very conflicted struggle, I was able to rapidly manifest many things in my life that had been missing! It helped me realize that I have the power to ask AND  get what I want out of this life, just the way I’d like, and without feeling bad about it.


So, with that said, let’s look at the annual card for July first:

“A new “person” will arrive in your life to offer clarity about whatever you are still struggling to understand about your path. This could literally be a light haired man, or symbolically be someone in the role of a youthful or kind hearted light worker. The duration of their coexistence with you will be short, but significant in revealing what’s been previously hidden. This will be a month to hit the books in regards to the revelations made, see the big pictures, and carry out the details necessary to achieve your lofty goals. With the help of said mystery “pal” you can attain Master Builder vibrations. Just remember to maintain a balanced lifestyle. This is another month I’m drawn to say that planetary retrogrades will be in the limelight.

Simply: Do your homework, take your notes, draw your maps.”


Now that I’m done laughing my butt off over the retrograde predictions (hi, FOUR planets are retrograde this month!), let’s take this theme a little deeper:

  1. Theme of the month: The month will be filled with the shedding of that which no longer loves us. This could be people, habits, jobs, or otherwise. It’s definitely a mid year overhaul where we will be cutting cords in order to lighten the burdens we carry without need. There will be chance for lion roaring events, so be wise to think before you speak, no matter how much the initial cause hurt (with few exceptions). Money loss is also a risk factor this month, so spenders beware. Whatever kind of loss that you experience, embrace the feeling of emptiness it brings (or maybe what fills its place!), however it shows up. 
  2. What to look forward to: For once passivity will serve you! As you notice what things in life are not holding you in the same value as you hold them/it, the ability to let things go will immediately highlight the abundance you do have in your life, and should inspire a deep sense of gratitude. After spending some time feeling weighed down and uncomfortable, this will be a wonderful month for turning perspectives around and realigning your outer world with the inner Self and true value that you hold. 
  3. What to nurture: Your need for recognition from others, and how it aids in the relationships you choose overall. In this instance, during this time of year, take some time to look  at your relationship with your parents. Take the time to see how their love and your upbringing could have created a  habit for searching for certain kinds of recognition. Or maybe appreciate that their presence in your life was so nurturing and utilize their example to remember how to do that for yourself. Take time to care for yourself and rework your self talk into verbiage that supports and exalts who you are and what you can do. 
  4. What needs immediate attention: Romantic relationships and all their status.   I love that this is the card pulled from the annual spread, but in reverse as it reinforces the importance I am feeling around this particular card. Understand that the “new person” is YOU and your future/higher Self. I believe this is centered around the eclipse tomorrow and it would be wise to spend today clearly defining and seeing your romantic relationships, so that on the eclipse you may use the energy appropriately.  Open to releasing, embracing, calling forth, or otherwise. It’s always hard to convey the importance of these things because they are so personal and nonphysical. Imagine a beautiful woman sitting cross legged under a tree. There’s water all around it, lapping and moving quietly between some of the exposed roots. The night sky is peaceful and the world around her seems to be under a teal filter, even her skin takes on the color glow. Her hair falls around her breasts and appears to be that perfect state of damp, so that it waves and sticks. She closes her eyes and begins to sing, opening her palms to the stars. Her hair begins to sway to the song and the water moves according to her intention. It’s delicate and beautiful, if not with an undercurrent of sadness. This woman is you. What words fall from you mouth? Are you calling out to the perfect lover? Goodbye to a dying flame? Embracing the new path in love? 
  5. Theme of the eclipse: It’s about mending your intuitive force where it has been damaged by prominent people in your life. It’s where your judgement is skewed by hurts or old wounds. It’s about understanding where your impulsive action is born from unattended pain from those you once admired. This is the beginning of a journey to shed these pains and navigate yourself back to a purer state of knowing, one that is not dependent on making decisions based on past experiences. 
  6. What to release: Work this month on releasing your ideas and concepts about what wealth is. Release any fears about money, and release any habits that don’t support your idea about wealth and finance. Explore the idea of what is moveable wealth, what is/should be invested, and what wealth is supposed to be kept for growth. This could be purely financial or it could be wealth of a different nature. Release into the Cosmos all the sprouting ideas thah come to, so that in time, they can be manifested into your physical reality to support you in miraculous ways. Release the idea that nothing good will ever happen, so that the gods can support your knowing with joy.

July is going to be beautifully restorative if you can embrace that idea. It’s the month of nurturing yourself and taking actions that support that kind of self love and care. It’s about breaking oath to poor promises and traditions that make you feel bad or steal your joy. It’s about using your energy intentionally so that you are not always deleted simply because it’s “how it’s always been done.” Allow yourself a new pace and a new home design that matches the kind of love you truly need now and moving forward. I believe in you! 

Brain teaser this month: Why is it that a teddy bear is such an iconic symbol of comfort for a child when the animal itself is often posed as violent and terrifying?






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