December Intuitive Forecast: Warm Your Bones with New Truths

Many of you know that I’m wrapping up the chaos of moving and acquiring new pets, but for those who don’t, I am, so I will skip my usual review where I share how well I aligned with last month’s reading. But man I just reread the Theme prediction and laughed over how hard I felt it in November. Make sure you review it to as a good way to refresh the lessons learned in order to apply them to the wrapping up of this hard working year.

Lets get right into December as I’m a few days behind!

First, the prediction from my annual spread:

“We have a chance to clear the storm as long as we are not stagnant in our sorrows over the losses these last few months (in particular) have brought us. The truth is, you may not be appreciated by everyone when you’re in your Truth, and that’s okay. However, it’s completely on you to decide how you choose to view the year looking back. All the lessons learned could have brought you to a more stable place, even if it was a difficult road to get there. To me, knowledge is power and if we can peek in on what’s to come we can best handle the obstacles and transmute them to our benefit!

Simply: Carry onward and upward.”

and let’s carry this into a more detailed view:



Theme of the month:  I know it’s the end of the year and full of all this is modern holiday splendor, but I am here to remind you that we are capping off not only a year of really hard work, but a decade in general. The theme of this month is to use all the knowledge you have acquired over the course of this year to prepare and plan in DETAIL for what’s to come. This is spending time understanding exactly what kind of leader you want to be in your life and who you want to take influentially into 2020. Its a month to look forward and feel above all, EXCITED. I feel like 2019 has stripped so much of our excess away (ouch but..) in order to prepare us for all the room we need for truly aligned lives and experiences. Light a fire in your mind because it’s worth lighting up enough to cast through the cold and into a new beginning. By, again, planning well for your desires.

What to embrace over the course of December: Joy in the social season that this can be. My introverts don’t need to go to parties, but definitely take time to appreciate the people you love and carve out time to connect. Embrace the idea that this month brings so many chances to come together with humanity in so many different ways. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the human connection so that you have such a powerful light of communion to carry you into a new year. Connect to yourself and your intuition and to whatever source of divinity you call on. Remember your ancestors and all they’ve done to get you to where you are now. There is such a HUGE opportunity for warmth this month it’s overwhelming to me as I write this. Please take me seriously.

Something new to look forward to: The mouse reversed!!! The opposite of this entire year. Expect this month to be a game changer and finally the shift of energy you have been working so hard to align with. Look forward to all your meticulous, every day progress to show you results and prove to you that you have not been robbed of the things you sought out in January. Start by welcoming the perspective to see it first.

What opportunity for healing will arise: we can’t skip our homework and I’ll say this kind of healing should be greatly welcomed at this point in the journey. Let’s all heal our jealousies and toxic relationships with the feminine. No more drama and gossip, no more competing and talking poorly. Especially when it’s out of boredom. It’s time to succumb to experiences of deeper knowledge and celebrate that of the feminine mysteries in order to learn as a community (or couple or friends or coworkers) to utilize nonphysical arts to create healthy atmospheres and windows of manifestation. It’s time that us humans take some small steps towards manifesting higher vibrational realities TOGETHER.

What needs to be released with the decade: I say decade because it’s so much more final than a year, but both serve as valid motivations. And I find the card SO SO fitting. It’s time to let go of our idea of what success is, and in fact, success as a definition all together. These driving guidelines of having to be successful in order to have lived life properly is an illness that is slowly killing us. The key to success is in knowing you are successful just because you exist. I have said it before and I will say it again: energy is neither created or destroyed, so that you exist is a divinely orchestrated event of the Cosmos.  Take yourself seriously, and know that your individual form is a light in its authenticity and you do not have to change who you are to be honored.

Divine message: Take this month to make commitments and address areas that you have been less that loyal to. See where you have not been as compassionate to yourself and others and make it a priority to be less imposing to your “imperfections” and those you perceive in others. Make commitments to all of the above messages and for once stick to it over time in whatever measure you can.


I hope you welcome December and depart from 2019 embraced in full acceptance and celebration of who you became this year. You’ve earned it.