Dream Wakers, Book One of the Veiled Prophecy

An old Native American prophecy speaks of a lost group of people who are responsible for the discord of the human race. Whether they can be awakened relies on Emmy and Lillian; who have no idea the prophecy exists. Raised in Kentucky, Emmy’s grandfather had quietly kept the burdens from her, hoping she wouldn’t be persecuted by those envious of her power. Lillian, an orphan raised by the church in England, was brought up to believe that she would never amount to anything.

When Emmy and Lillian’s lives converge in dreaming, each woman is forced to ask questions about the strangers that haunt them. Frames of time and reality start to blur and the foundations of their upbringing begin to crack. Uncovering the truth about their light bearing abilities becomes dangerous as a quiet battle for their power lurks around them. The holy want to defeat it and the esoteric strive to revive it, but only Emmy and Lillian will be able to unlock The Veiled Prophecy.


Author’s Note: This series has many intentions, but most importantly perhaps, is to remind us all that there is nothing mundane about our existence. Emmy and Lillian’s lives are here to revive very old stories from actual history and indigenous myths. This is not another typical “white washed” story to be slipped between the pantheon of fantasy tropes. Dream Wakers breathes from the stories that were burned and buried globally. It is the beginning of a journey that will take Emmy and Lillian to places we all thought long extinct, physically and otherwise.


Dream Wakers is set for re-release in 2019.