Tarot: A focused conversation of self awareness


For the first time, well, ever, I’m going balls to the wall, unedited in my experience sharing around spirituality. I have spent so much time trying to use the right words or sound impressive to more “learned” spiritualists than myself, wasting time being too quiet for the sake of respect to the more experienced, all the while quietly doing things my own way.

I mean, it’s in my natal chart (a topic for another day). I am meant to do things differently, and much of my isolation from “like minds” has been for my benefit and maybe even directed by some higher dimensional version of myself, or others. This is probably something I should have added in to my first post, but whatever.

Tarot reading, at its basic definition to me, is simply a means to focus on a topic in your life that may need your attention. Let’s throw out the divination part for now, and make this as normal and as skeptical as possible. If nothing else it is a completely random draw of cards that create conversation between two people. It creates an experience that allows you to be aware of yourself in an otherwise Rat Race world. Would the topic of each card be strangely related to what you’re going through at the time? Maybe, but doesn’t everyone have money problems these days? haha. If you are uninterested to learn about the more intuitive process, or the stranger circumstances, I invite you to stop here, because at the end of the day that is all you need to know. Getting your cards read can be highly therapeutic and can ease the anxiety of an unfocused approach to your life. However, if you are curious to delve further, please, by all means, read on! It is my joy to share these things with you. Why? Because my fulfillment comes in being able to welcome the opportunity to aid you in becoming your very best self; a human who can optimize and navigate their life with compassion and intention. Who doesn’t want that?

The trip comes when you’re sitting in a reading, or session, and all of a sudden the Tarotress (is that a word? If it’s not, now it is!) asks you a very personal and seemingly unrelated question to the subject matter you are discussing. Maybe at first it feels like an intrusion, or a secret being uncovered. Maybe you start to wonder how they could have heard what you were thinking quietly to yourself. I cannot pretend to be able to prove to you with science that this is real, but it is. I love these moments. A deep human connection, both magically inexplicable but intrinsically connected in a way that the excitement level is instantly raised.

Just like plants have nonverbal communication, so do we. I just think we have forgotten it exists most of the time. It’s kind of like seeing colors in a painting. Certain shades deliver an emotion to you, a feeling, an association. I think this is much like the way trees and plants communicate, and so do we, just not as intentionally. It isn’t our prioritized mode of exchanging information anymore. Why? I don’t know, exactly. I could think about it, but I feel I’d get very off topic from the art of Tarot itself. We’ve all experienced it at least once in our life. Ever have a best friend finish your sentence? Or you and someone else think the same thought out loud at the same time? Maybe you were sitting with your significant other, wishing they’d really hold your hand or kiss you, and within moments they seem to just move to you and fulfill your desire. This is a very common form of intuitive communication, and just like learning a sport, the more you work at it, the more intention you put into it, the better you become at it.¬†I think the hardest part is learning to trust something you can’t prove. Trusting yourself, your mind, your intuitive force. The art of tarot, to me, comes from being able to be calm enough to listen to your intuition, and brave enough to speak it to someone else.

It’s also carrying a heavy dose of playfulness too, and being accepting of the sweeping spectrums of divining/predicting the process of human nature. For me, there is an understanding that humans all have free will, and the why and the how don’t really matter as much as the knowing that you’ve put your intentions forth to be received at a later time. To me, that acceptance and release of expectation and demanding of knowing always opens pathways that would be unrealized by the human mind, thus ushering what you seek much faster than you’d imagine. I’m sure some folk in this craft are fine telling you it’ll be a Tuesday at noon that you’ll win the lottery, and maybe their means of prediction are honed in enough to do it. I’ll be the first one to tell you, I am not interested in that kind of intuitive power. It leaves too much of the mystery and the found out of human discovery. I live for the a-ha moments when your intentions all come together and create something amazing in front of your eyes.

So, at the end of the day, getting cards read is very helpful to offer guidance and insight to situations, desires, and outcomes that seem hard to understand or see. It opens up conversations to self awareness that can be invaluable for a person. It can be empowering to remind you you are not your struggle, and that the pain is only a temporary motion to bring you back to an understanding you may have forgotten or not yet learned. These are the things that I love most about being able to read for anyone. I personally am fulfilled by being able to help anyone empower themselves, be aware of what’s going on in their life, and offering tools to manifest their desire and follow their joy as a way of accumulating a reality they truly love experiencing.




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