Coming Unhinged: Leave the Latch Off


The past few weeks have been so energetically scattered for me and I’ve felt so spread thin. Anyone else feeling the same way?

I know in a lot of my previous articles, I always talk about the importance of staying centered amongst the crazy, and I still hold confidence in this idea. However, there have been a handful of times in my life where it was absolutely necessary to be swallowed by the chaos in order to make great leaps into a new phase of my reality. I think as humans we are inherently sentimental and have a hard time letting go. There always seems to be something that fuels us from pride to fear to a sense of duty and it always keeps us on the hook of things we don’t actually want any more.

Sometimes it makes me angry that we are all so stubborn to change. Sometimes I feel proud. It truly depends on what we’re holding onto. Either way, I wanted to take a short minute to expand my thoughts on the idea that staying perfectly calm at all times and being so wonderfully diplomatic isn’t always what is being asked of you. There are so many ideas being reimagined and I think in a time where we don’t have the luxury of careful action. It sounds like I’m gearing up for a cautionary tale, and I don’t intend that either. I just think that shifts are happening so fast that we all kind of have to take a few radical jumps and rely a little more on intuition and less on logic.

In my observation as a writer, I have noticed how hard is it to keep track of what agents are searching for because as each new hashtag bangs out a following on social media so do the requests for the popular subject as a new way to write old genres. Of course there are bigger picture trends and those requesting in that lane have a more grounded idea of what is coming in the next few years. I definitely think that some subjects will never tire and to just trash them as boring would be immature. The new generations are here and making a presence, and in the hysteria I think writers are scrambling to understand the market. I think the market is trying to understand the market.

I’m sure there are chaotic changes going on in your life too, be it relationship or career. But I think they are all highly focused on social connections. You are probably being asked to make decisions before you’re ready or maybe you feel like you aren’t informed enough on the situation that’s arising to even understand what’s going on. This week is already starting off at a fast pace, and lagging on making moves might make you miss a golden opportunity. I mean, how long are  you willing to wait for what you actually want? How long are you willing to lie to yourself about what’s truly making you happy? Bring your motivations back to a selfish place because the Universe is presenting opportunities to elevate you. Change is inevitable and, right now, quite exciting if you are brave enough for the adventure. I speak from experience. I have never once regretted making rash decisions when chaos rose to meet me. It sucked when it was happening, sure, but afterwards was more than I could have imagined for myself.

I dare to sound more angsty than I am, now. Currently, I’m reading a debut novel by a Swedish author and I can’t help but get upset. It, so far, has been a testament that there are so many undiscovered gems in this world that so many people will not give a chance because it wasn’t picked up by a huge publishing house. There are so many wonderful stories that could be huge best sellers or popular screen adaptations if only the author had the means to a good editor, or if someone would just take a chance. But the over saturated industry makes it hard for writers in this position. I am in no way playing a sympathy violin because I am in no way upset at how my writing career has formed or continued. What upsets me is the way we all beg for acceptance and understanding but the second a work is pushed out by a first-time author who just couldn’t pay for those Instagram worthy covers, we all turn our noses at it. I’m not excluding myself from this, either. Yet here I am, years into a fiction slump, and this little book is sitting on my coffee table, taunting me to finish the story. This “small author” as she humbly called herself in our first meeting had the power to end an very stubborn reading slump. Not The Luminaries, not The Night Circusnot countless other well-loved novelists. I’m begging you to let that sink in, to just think about that.

I guess my point is, be open to new things. Support authenticity no matter where it was found. See beauty where the seed has only begun to sprout and water it in the knowing that it will blossom into something beautiful. I know writers who have never made the Best Seller’s list and have more talent than those who landed million dollar movie deals. If you’re a reader without at least one writer friend, I suggest making one. Find the stories, don’t just let them be sold to you.

Which obviously goes for anything in life, really. Like I said in a recent post, new traditions are breaking the old ones and will you be on the frontier of them, or stuck in the dust trail? Socially, personally, and in the workplace.


Photo by: Eugenio Mazzone

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