We All Matter Because We Are Matter

The night before last, I was sitting with my little brother, our feet dangling in the pool, talking about the obscure ideas that usually form between us. We talked about aliens and intergalactic wars, our favorite constellations, how the northern lights are made, and what it’d be like if you could swim in the stars. Travis will always bring my heinous imagination into logical reason without ever killing the magic of the situation. He trains my imagination without even realizing it. He encourages my ideas into reality simply by being himself. And he has no idea how important that is. Without beautiful minds like his, it would be much harder for me to achieve the style of writing I love so much. I looked to him and smiled in gratitude.

“Have you ever felt like you were meant for something big?” I asked.

He considered it a moment while he swirled his legs underwater.

“Not in a change-the-world sense, no. But I think I was meant for something.”

It was a mark of mediocre self judgement. I’ve watched him under estimate his worth before and it’s the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever seen. My little brother is one of the brightest and most vibrant people I have ever had the pleasure of loving. I looked at him and wondered how he didn’t think he was a world changer. He changed my world. He has taught me to live in the moment and celebrate life for what it was now, not tomorrow or yesterday. He has shown this slightly introverted, usually serious woman to laugh too loudly about nothing. To wonder about weird things. To dance when nobody else is. He is an unbridled manifestation of wild energy. He is contagious. I am a freer soul because of him.

“Have you ever thought that you can change the world by just being you?”

“What do you mean?”

I smiled and looked to Ursa Major, my favorite constellation. This was my favorite game to play.

“I’m going to ask you a question and just say the first word that comes to mind, whether it makes sense or not.”

He smiled and his eyes sparkled with the light that always lives inside of him.

“What is your purpose in life?”

“I don’t know,” he mumbles shyly.

“Sure you do. I know a word formed. There’s no wrong answer to this.”

“To be happy? To bring happiness?”

“Yes!” I agree. “Yes, that is perfect!”

“But I don’t know how to do that.”

“You do it just by being you. You have shown me how to be laugh until it hurts happy. I see you do it and I want to know how to do that too. You show me. I try. I become. I go on my way, being what I’ve learned from you. Someone else sees it. They desire and become. It goes on. You have changed the world. It is actually that simple.”

“I never thought about it like that,” he laughs.

We changed the subject, ate some more dessert and life went on. Travis and I don’t need to have hour long, in depth conversations to be satisfied. I knew he’d think about it well into the next day, and the day after that. I had served my purpose. I inspired thought; that is my joy. After all, this over active brain of mine was made to generate and share!

matterThere is something inside of us all that we cannot help but gravitate towards or be in the moments we are not paying attention to ourselves. It drives your motivation, your decisions, your happiness, your fear. It could be a couple of things. Ask yourself, remember there is no wrong answer if you listen honestly. Sometimes we might think of this innate essence as a negative quality. Let’s shift into purposeful positivity. Are you habitually opinionated? Do you always agitate people by countering their statements? Do people call you annoying? Do you believe it? Does it make you shun this part of who you are? What if I told you that you are an agitator? A changer? How can anyone change for the greater if they are not shaken out of their comfort zones every now and then? Without a person like you, they may never discover a new perspective, a new vision, a new inspiration. Without your natural state of being maybe a person like Martin Luther King Jr. would have never been inspired to stand up in front of millions of people because they thought they weren’t good enough? So call it like it is all day….as long as you do it in love!


matter2We all have the ability to do good and be good. I have watched the people around me shifting into loving motives as they start to shed their old patterns of acting from fear/anger/etc. Collectively, we are all experiencing a huge shift in perspective. Society has become more accepting of the unacceptable, more inspired to be helpful to those in need, excited to build each other up. I watch little kids conquer the act of loving each other’s individuality with an ease that should embarrass adults. This is an amazing time to be alive and why wouldn’t you want to contribute to it? I have the opportunity to see hundreds of people daily and each day I wake up and remind myself that today is new, with new faces, new challenges, and new chances to make someone else smile. There is truly nothing more rewarding to me than to make someone smile. Sometimes it’s being silly, sometimes it’s being quiet, or being empathetic and letting them know you get what they’re going through and they aren’t alone. It’s not hard to do. Remember, you as you are naturally, have something to offer! Discover new ways to use it to make people smile!

matter3It can change your life as much as it can change theirs. Just as I mentioned in my conversation with my brother, by changing just one person’s day/mind/life you are igniting a spark that will light the whole world on fire. Do not underestimate the power of loving and supporting one another. It is the most engaging force we can awaken within ourselves. The stronger we build it, the more unshakable we become from the negativity that so easily devours us. Center yourself in your natural state (the agitator, the lover, the inspirer, the joker, the inventor, the dreamer, the athlete, the builder, the mother, the leader….) and from that center explode with the light of your heart, your passion, your love. It is a boundless energy that is meant to be shared and connected with others.

matter4Imagine your unique power, the trait you were born to show the world as a stone. Make it beautiful! Make it your most favorite stone to look at! Now cast that stone into the ocean. Watch all the beautiful, shimmering ripples swim far away. Farther. Farther. To the farthest reaches of existence. A simple action can create an infinite amount of outcomes. More than you may be able to imagine. Try to imagine them anyway. Humanity united in these pure actions will be the most beautiful experience fathomable. It can happen by just being. Can you imagine that?

Every day you breathe, every day you move, you are creating millions of ripples that will contact hundreds of other people. These ripples will shift, mold and continue to hundreds of other people. You are so very important to all of us. Your energy is vital.


Ematter6nergy is neither created nor destroyed. It is displaced and reimagined. Over and over and over. The energy of this infinite universe gathered to create the energy of the world. The energy that created this world billions of years ago is within you. This infinitely aged energy
thought you were important enough to be created. You are a manifest of the stars, the planets, the light and dark, the God element that no one can explain. It is all you.

You matter, simply because you are matter. By existing and being a form on this planet, you play an integral part in the spiderweb of the entire universe. You are important.

This post is dedicated to my brother, Travis, and his undeniably beautiful soul. Thank you for helping me put these thoughts into a realistic language. matter8

What is your purpose?

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