November Intuitive Forecast: The Wild Hunt


Looking back and reviewing October’s forecast to compare with my own experience has me wide eyed with resonation. October was definitely a month of hunkering down, intense teamwork with my husband, and balancing need vs want through all of the unexpected turns of the month. Spiritually, it was a huge task to take my own advice about abundance not always meaning working myself to death. And because I listened to my own reading, I was rewarded with the ability to embrace the joyful parts of the month and get a lot of insight and growth because of it. The subtle lessons about nonmonetary abundance were rich over the course of October, and my own flexibility with this belief system was stretched further than I thought I could go. Surrendering to that process was probably the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I was granted so many “upgrades” on my magical path. I am still sitting in shock of where I am now, doing what I’m doing.

Karma was definitely at the forefront of October, and I don’t know about you, but I observed it in action everywhere I turned. For me, I finally got to taste the fruits of my labors while simultaneously doing the labor of planting new seeds, but that is the beauty of this life. When you can sit in between the gratitude of getting what you worked for and the gratitude for new beginnings as they happen at once, life changes completely. This is the motion of karma, and this was a practice that I really worked at and it has helped me immeasurably with the need to put myself in a rat race.

How was your October? Did you have a wild ride that delivered you to enlightenment? I know I sure did!

With that, let’s dive into November and see what’s in store for the continuing adventure. Below is what I had forecasted back in January:

Getting knocked off whatever high we had at the beginning of the year has left us with some dark energies we were never meant to absorb. This could be in the form of someone who blames you or the blame you are placing on others. The lack of success you expected has not materialized the way you perceived it would and it’s easy to see where and how your tribe has affected or reflected the reasons. Avert the evil spell of expectation. It is limiting your view of possibilities and circumstances and the underlying, behind the scenes work that is going on. Did you follow the path of what was conventional and “safe” in terms of finance and traditional values? Did you stray from the belief that you could be fulfilled in your heart based ventures because it didn’t bring you fast cash? Things to think about and feathers to pluck.

Simply: Put your money where your Soul is, not your Soul where your money is.

Wow. I’m sure many of you are feeling this already. It’s time to take a deeper look and make our notes:


Theme of the month: This month is going to take us down some interesting detours. Or at least that’s how they will feel. This month is going to be breaking our expectations in ways that are going to challenge us on deep spiritual levels. It’s important to know that these are not actual misadventures but redirections that will help us in avoiding bigger messes than we could have perceived. The best thing you can do this month is try to flow with the current even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Our faith in the Cosmos is going to be put to a freaking test this month and our need to control in the limelight for November. It’s going to be a lesson in calming out nervous system and not exhausting ourselves in the search for fulfillment through meticulous building and deductive analytics.

What to embrace:

The idea that you are an intuitive being that has the ability to understand the upheaval as a means of positive redirection. That being intuitive really isn’t magic, but a human trait that just needs practice and application. It’s something you will need to rely on this month, and don’t be afraid to seek guidance from someone who can help you learn how to refine and trust your intuition. Subjective soul artistry  is so hard to put faith in because it isn’t tangible or easily explained. It requires faith and belief. Embrace that this month is going to push you to seek more, experience more, and to learn more on a spiritual level. Embrace change, variety, and new growth. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and absorb the answers.

What to look forward to:

Well….this month won’t be boring! This month will not be about practicality or planning things to death. It will not be about finding beauty in the mundane world. This is going to be a month of big changes that will blast whatever daily sorrows you are struggling with. This is will be about courageous and bold moves in order to shift the course of your life. You can look forward to radical reality jumps and the unexpected. I’ll dare to say this probably has something to do with whatever Uranus is up to in November. I have a feeling we can look forward to the intense destruction of our habitual patterns we just can’t let go of. Like our inability to trust the process and pace of nature.

What to let go: Being toxic and participating in toxic relationships. Let go of having to put your fingers in everything and everyone’s business. Instead focus on the joys (or lack of) in your own life. Distract yourself with your own rises and pit falls instead of others. It’s easy to judge and point fingers from a distance while completely neglecting what’s rotting in your own life. Let’s make a challenge for the month of November to not gossip, criticize or talk shit about people as a means to make ourselves feel better, or as a distraction from what we need to accomplish in our own growth and struggles. Accumulate friends and supporters who are focused and inspired to uplift and advance. This is about taking those fingers out of other people’s realities and dipping them into something more Divine, more Cosmic, more connected to the Ether. Let go of judgmental personalities and understand there are two sides to every story, and you don’t know both. Trust me you are going to be too busy navigating this month for yourself to be a gossip hound anyway!

What to heal:

It could not be more perfectly aligned to have this card follow!!!! Heal your joy and being socially joyful. Mend positive relationships and prioritize them as a way to rediscover how you can find pleasure in life amongst others. We are so interconnected  as a species and it’s time we heal that powerful SUBJECTIVE dialogue. This rolls into the first card and understand the intuitive communication we have with other humans. Learning to embrace and listen to energy signatures, sharing nonverbal joy and companionship. It’s all the things we don’t have to say when we are amongst people we love and who love us back. This is a great month to lay down the foundation work for these experiences.

Divine message: The adventure isn’t meant to journey alone. November isn’t about independence and aloof defense mechanisms. It’s time to balance work, personal and SPIRITUAL life. We have been pushed this year to do the work for change, to be humble in our process and meticulous in our execution. Maybe it has left us all a little isolated from the pleasurable parts of life and we don’t even realize it. Take a moment and observe which parts of your reality have been neglected, and understand that it’s time to come out of the shell and the routine. It’s time to see the your endurance and honor those that have been on the ride with you this year. Harmonize with partnerships who bring you happiness and know that you can settle in for the long haul with these folk. And with yourself. It’s time to marry all that you’ve learned this year into the WHOLE person you are now. This is the month of a wild hunt. The chaos of understanding who you are and the fulfillment of obtaining a complete embodiment and remembrance of all that has brought you to this Self. Not just in this life, but all the rest. Release the magic of your journey to this point and transform!


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