October Intuitive Forecast: Transforming Abundance


I know September was easily the most intense month of the year for me, what about you? I just glazed over my predictions and I had to laugh at how accurate they were! Last month was a very deep lesson in abundance for me and everyone around me, especially when it comes to beliefs about money and how it can define so much of your life when really it’s only a mirror. Money attachment is so hard to let go of because it’s still so much of a Collective state of dis-ease. Detaching from tradition views of financial success is hard. That’s not to say you have to renounce money, but I think it’s been employed in the wrong position for way too long. In all of my chats this month, it has come up in some way and I’m so grateful that I was given so many opportunities to receive and offer insight on the matter. I won’t take too much time in this post to share all that I learned, but I will share two that I have embedded into my daily habits of thinking:

  1. Think of money as someone you are trying to date. If you are always calling it up and pleading that you need more of it, it is going to run for the hills. Wouldn’t do?
  2. When you see a penny on the floor, how often do you pick it up, and why don’t you? Is it because it’s dirty? Or maybe you feel like you don’t deserve it? Maybe because it’s tails up and is no longer good for you? What if I told you that those pennies were a gift from the Cosmos, a token of abundance that you wished for, and ignoring it is sending a message to whatever guides you that you are uninterested in the gift of abundance? Why would the Cosmos give you anything larger?

That second one is my absolute favorite and if you want to know more of that one, please reach out to me, it totally changed my view of the Law of Abundance, and I have noticed a difference in my reception of wealth in all ways.

Last month was a month of growing up, hardcore and in very deep layers of ourselves. I know I had to really push myself in areas I had not even realized I was stagnant or neglecting. It was uncomfortable for a while, but by the end of the month it felt really empowering to have made it through the challenges I came up against. I have an entire new set of tools to utilize moving forward, and I know that they will be vital as I look into what’s being set up next for me, personally. With that said, let’s take a look at my October prediction from my annual reading back in January:

“The challenge continues as we remold our ideas defining success and wealth. The hard way. There is no voyage. No way out. Just a clear cut realization just as Scorpio likes. Truth. I feel like knowing this ahead of time can really be beneficial in staying centered through what is possibly the hardest human veil to lift. This may show up as a break up with someone that you believed was a financial support. Or it could be a lack of recognition for your diligence at work or from peers on a project. I’m going to stick my neck out and say that the more tightly you hold on to the idea of money as the be-all-end-all to life, the worse this month will be for you.

Simply: Revolutionize the way you view money and traditional values.”

Let’s take this a little further with an up close look at the month. Here are the cards that I have drawn, with the reading to follow below.


Theme of the month: Once again we are embracing the card drawn for the entire year’s theme. This is about understanding what you need versus what you want and not feeling robbed when you have the lines blurred. Be practical in your dealings this month and don’t be afraid to keep yourself well prepared for any outcome. For those of you who have been doing the soul work over the course of the year, keep in mind that preparing for every outcome includes the best ones too. How often do you prepare for the best? This card isn’t normally unexpectedly positive, but in rare circumstances it absolutely can be. Make sure you don’t fall behind on your mundane day to day because of resentment or boredom. Remember that everything that happens to you is either a result of what you’ve already done, or the foundation of what you will do. Even boring tasks have an honorable seat at your table and it will be wise this month to remember that. This month is also going to stretch your tolerance for teamwork within relationships and ask that you have compassion and diplomacy in your interaction. Relationships and money are always a difficult situation and I might suggest putting your mindset towards balance right now. Again, treat your money (and your relationships) with respect. No one wants to be controlled or held so tightly they are trapped, and nobody loves being thrown haphazardly around without care. Money doesn’t either. Keep that symbology in mind this month.

What to embrace:  Truly embody the joy and uplifting energy of being with your tribe. This card always reminds me of a group of girls who get together to laugh and take friendly cracks at each and no one gets offended or upset. Find those people you can relax and be yourself around without feeling like you have to watch your expression or edit what you say. Embrace the deep healing experience that this kind of interaction brings to your soul. Use some of that mouse practical energy to organize a get together, or plan an event to attend with these like minded people. This will be an important gateway to realizing your worth and truly embracing your value (which hint-hint is directly related to financial abundance). Embrace intelligent conversations and being open to learning from others in a way that empowers your sense of being. Soul work doesn’t always have to be tough and miserable; sometimes prioritizing your joy and authentic expression is just as enlightening.

What needs to be let go:  If you have defined anyone as an “enemy” do yourself a favor and release the connection you keep with them. Actually, go a step further and totally swipe their title too. Sometimes we allow so much negativity into our daily lives (which we have created on our own) that suddenly our daily schedule is too dense to endure. We project our sorrows outward and onto people without really realizing it. It’s time to observe where we have become our own worst enemy with negative labelling and fixation and drop the load we’ve thrown on our shoulders. Let go of what dampens your personal freedom and depletes your sensuality. You may be surprised how much your excited curiosity for life will return when you take the time to shed all of your distracted blame.

What to look forward to: I have to laugh a little with this card placed here, in this position. To me this feels so like a Scorpio to think of this in a positive way. Look forward to liberating yourself from toxic relationships and expressions this month, and most likely in a very radical way. This is about quick enrichment from controversial means, and combined with what we have already drawn it seems as if this month will be a bit of a wild ride. I can’t say that how you rid yourself from toxic entities and aspects will be wonderful, but it’ll be powerful and fast moving. Expect things to heat up in your love life, and be wise about what you choose to jump into. Either way it seems like we are all in for some very powerful and liberating experiences for our senses. I’m getting a very strong push to just say it outright: the power of sex can be extremely healing when experienced spiritually and with the right partners. Just bear in mind that this is about exiting toxic exchanges, so ….don’t be stupid. Enjoy and transform yourself! Explore, express, and inspire!

What to work on healing:   The disappointment you may be feeling over whatever has not turned out the way you were hoping. Maybe you are not being supported in your endeavors, a project or relationship is unfolding in ways that you didn’t want to experience, or you haven’t yet been able to see where to go next on your path. In order to understand what’s happening and why, you have to understand the law of karma. It’s not a judgement of character, but simply the sequence of cause and effect. I’m sure if you worked backwards from where you are now to where it all started you’d likely find something that contributed to the equation’s current status. Meaning you might find where you took a wrong turn, or forgot an important detail.  Maybe you’ll see where you could’ve done something differently and learn the lesson in hindsight. Maybe you’ll look back and see that the sequence is incomplete and all you have to do is continue forward with patience and a little grace. Try looking at the materialistic and spiritual aspects as sometimes we can get so caught up in our physical world that we forget to synchronize our spirit-awareness to the actions we are taking. Healing your conscious action tool will be a major advance for many of us this month.

Divine Message from the Other side:   Whatever you choose to task out, start up, continue on, or change, commit to it. Commit to yourself and your goals and desires. Not just half assed hoping for the best. This month you will be asked to commit to your life and your self on a deeper level than you may have previously experienced. The message from my guides feel exceptionally important here. This is about digger deeper, and being fearlessly aware of what you’re doing and why (from a spiritual standpoint). Commit to being someone who inspires and influences without losing the grace of who you are. Do not be afraid to explore your interests into their depths and follow your passion with wit and adventure.


Even though this month looks to be challenging, I also think there is ample room for some wild surprises that will make all of our heads spin. The important thing to take away is to keep your head filled with wisdom and practicality when the heat rises, and you will definitely be able to have some Phoenix Rising moments so long as you can get through the transforming burn of the fire.




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