Intuitive Forecast September: Purifying Your Energy Field

In a blink of an eye, August is over. Just as I predicted it was a whirlwind of stop and go, staying on your toes, and attempting not to make too many careless decisions. How did you do?


Between family adventures, and bond strengthening with the kids, I managed to launch a new business, create momentum, and expand my tribe of Gentle Rebels who are now chasing their own darlings. I honestly don’t think I could have enough space to share everything that transpired this month. However, I am going to express my gratitude for all that has come into my life recently, and my excitement to watch it develop.

While the ball is rolling let’s recap what September told us at the start of the month:

“Money will be at the forefront this month and how you connect your relationships to it. There will be an air of bitterness in terms of financial bonds and you may be seeking someone to point a finger at. However, it’s not how this works. We will be reminded this month that financial wealth is a direct mirror of our inner abundance and looking towards someone else to create or take away your monetary status is only a projection of what you need to work on within yourself. Mind your relationships this month as symbolic clues towards regaining a more grounded floor in your financial and material realm.

Simply: Everyone in your life is a mirror.”

Keep this in mind as we dive into a more detailed look at the month ahead:

Theme of the month: This is going to be a month of major turning points and changes in your journey. It’s up to you to decide if you would like to take an experience of misadventure as a way of learning on a deeper level, or if you’d like to let go of outdated habits that no longer serve you and elevate to a new reality, and chapter in your life. 

What to embrace: embrace where you have been naive and foolish, where you have decided to do something regardless of the consequences (probably financially). Embrace that even though the action(s) may have brought you turmoil, self criticism, or shame, it also served as a very deep and valuable source of knowledge. Mistakes are only the portals to success. Instead of beating yourself up, try embracing these things about yourself and instead turn it into a useful tool. You say you have a character flaw? Don’t hide it, make it work for you. Embrace the idea that fresh starts may not happen this month,  but transforming what you already have will be the golden ticket. 

What to let go of: ANY relationship, especially romantic, that does not support or honor who you are. If someone makes you feel less than, this is the month to go cold turkey and prove to yourself that you are worth more than that. Walk away from toxic, manipulative, hurtful people. Withdraw your energy from their field of reality. Take back what they’ve fed off of and allow yourself to regrow what’s been damaged. 

What to look forward to: Being able to finally move away from our past wounds that should have never taken permanent residence in our homes. This means slowly watching unaligned the things of all kinds fall away over the course of the month, and having the opportunity to feel lighter and lighter energetically. There will be a lot of settling into our true selves, and all the wonderful feelings that come along with that. 

What to work on healing: Your morality, and everything to do with your damaged creative energy. Again, sexuality comes up and to me it makes perfect sense in the month of Virgo, our pure goddess cosmic energy. This a month to ease your anxieties around expressing, regaining your power, and ability of utilize that primal sense of being within you. This is the flame lit by partners who raise your temperature and show you just how divine you are. Face your fears with love and understanding that you have your own unique calling card and can summon the flock of admirers, lovers, and clan that you desire. 

How to optimize a state of well being: By making sure you maintain mental clarity and laser focus. This is a cleaning out the cupboard kind of month and not being able to stand by your moral code  will prove to make it a difficult month indeed. Know who you are and don’t be afraid to make changes necessary to honor that. Get out and get moving! Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in patterns, habits, and beliefs that make you feel depressed or uninspired to grow. A blocked situation is only you agreeing not to see the way through. 


Remember, financial wealth and life abundance in general will always be a direct reflection of your own self worth and treatment. Are you ready to welcome abundance? I know I am.


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