August Intuitive Forecast: A Lion’s Pride


The vibrations of this month will contain such beauty it will be easy to get distracted in the fun. While balance is always a priority I will always preach, do not waste the high wave power being offered to you by losing focus on your vision for life. Because, balance, right? 

This reading quickly became more detailed than I anticipated so this time I am choosing to leave out a long winded anecdote. I will make it in a separate post, though as it’s important for me to share my journey with you. I have unexpectedly ridden the roller coaster of life this year and in ways I was NOT anticipating; good and not so. 

In the annual card draw for this month, this was the subject to address. The Fool Reversed tells me that we can get lost in the excitement and make emotionally irrational choices with the influence of Leo’s funloving Inner Child influence. Instead, use this energy to create your joy through dreaming. Use the lions strength to be bold and individually aligned with your highest desire.

Theme of the month :

This will be a month of transitions, which is very apparent just looking at the planetary alignments and shifts! This is a month of moving from work to reception and back to work. This is forward motion, positive motion, and dreams realized to begin dreaming again. The dream is the journey, not the destination. Take a moment to realize the beauty in gradual unfolding, and each arrival reveals a new adventure. Maybe you’ve been building a specific relationship and will see the love unfold in a new way, or maybe you’ve been dreaming of a most perfect business path which will finally reveal itself. It’s a month of realigning and welcoming in the fruits of your labor, vision, and soul process. 

Best way to utilize the lions gate:

This is about soul reception and divine guidance. This time of year allows for the most potent messages from your Divine Guidance be it God or Gods or Otherwise. The message will be crystal clear, so keep your heart open for whatever message you are to hear the first half of the month. Get up close and personal with your soul-self. This isn’t a time to take distance and get distracted from your desires and personal Truth. Wake up every morning from now until the 12th and remind yourself of your authenticity and the vision you have to embody it. August 8th will shorten the distance between you and Source so be sure to sing your highest desire at some point. This goes for relationships and connections of any sort, too. Speak clearly and specifically, from the heart, and you may be surprised what comes out of it this month.

Jupiter RX results:

If we did a reading at the beginning of this cycle back in April, I would go back and review some of the topics discussed, and evaluate the measure of work you did to dig deep and understand the gift of intimate relationships. This card tells me that if you committed to those themes, and you were persistent and open to the deep knowledge of what it is you truly want and need, Jupiter promises to deliver the gifts you seek. This may come in the form of a new friend, an old friend shifting their involvement in your life, meeting a new romantic interest, seeing yourself in a new light, healing a family connection, or being presented with a new opportunity with new people. Whatever it is, make sure you know it when you see it. Have an attitude of gratitude every day, every minute if need be, to align you to the gifts Jupiter is excited to give. 

What to nurture:

Any long term sadness and pain around family matters. Like I always say this may not just include blood and bone. Address any loneliness you may have and combat it’s residency with practical goals that can relieve its effects. Remember that you can always regain your personal power here, by understanding what you’ve given away that needs to be taken back. Most of the time it can be boiled down to energy that was not returned. Take time over the course of this month to see where you have sent out a line with zero return. Quietly, lovingly, and honorably work on pulling that energy back in. If done in anger or from wounded places, your grip will hold it all back to you as your focus will still send your line back to what takes it. I find when I can understand that someone and I have turned in different directions, I can wish them well on their way, gather my things, and go mine. How people treat us have little to do with US and mostly to do with their own life experience. It takes the personal sting out of a lot of what harms our wellbeing. Be kind to yourself and try not to shoulder the responsibility of everyone else’s pain. 

What to release:

A lack of belief in discovering your hearts real desires, especially in the way of love. We become so focused on being disappointed, betrayed, or let down that we actually bring it to us simply by force of interest. This is a month to watch the way you speak and understand that even half hearted mentions of never getting what you want tells the Cosmos that you seek to learn more about the law of attraction through lose and despair. Be consistent, repetitive, and rhythmic about embracing the idea that you can have what you want as long as you are clear and believe it will come. If you falter, so does your reality. I know it sounds like I’m preaching a false sense of positivity, and I am not. This is about the days you wake up feeling unmotivated, ungrateful, beaten down, and low energy. Take a breath, and remind yourself IN DETAIL, of your TRUE WILL. Remind yourself what life you want, remind yourself who you are, get up and make your bed and continue to paint the vision you want to set goals towards. I was recently told motivation is a false sense of BELIEF. Belief is just a hamster wheel without VISION. Life regains meaning, force, and abundance when it is given a vision to believe in. If this sounds like something you want to know more about, I will passionately share with you what I have learned and how it has served me to keep this practice.   

What needs immediate attention:

To set this month off with a bang, address anyone and anything that emotionally scuttles your pace and vibration of Joy. This is what I associate with the term “frenemies” and people who do not authentically support your Soul Vision. On a symbolic level, address any obstacles in your way right now, and create a plan to overcome them, whether it’s through a little work or realizing that it’s time to walk away. What’s immediately important this month is to make yourself and your vision a priority. Trim the fat that weighs you down, and keep moving without lingering attachment to what does not support, embrace and cheer you on. 

I’m honestly so pumped up after writing this, I’m gonna go run out and tackle my day and my world. Let’s do it together and share in each other’s joyous triumph! 


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