March: Redefining Self Worth and Embracing Your Beliefs


If you’ve been reading along for a while or tune into my daily mindsets on Instagram, you know how big I am on understanding that your self worth and value is the dictator of material world abundance. It’s a hard concept to fully embrace and I have had my fair share of learning it. In fact, it’s still a practice I consciously check in on as I grow and evolve. This month really brings these themes and their real connection into light.

Astrologically, Chiron in Aries is asking us to begin the healing cycle of  our distorted self image and underdeveloped worth. This is going to be done by rooting up traumas and subconscious thought patterns we may have forgotten about or never realized. These are emotions we’ve probably stuffed into our muscle memory, where we find our most consistent aches and pains, stiffness, or inflexibility. Then, as if that isn’t going to be an intense cycle kick off, Uranus will move into Taurus to revolutionize the way we value, relate, use, define and express our beliefs, particularly in the realm of money, finance, and material world possessions. Thankfully, Uranus moves a little begrudgingly through our slower paced Bull of the Zodiac. The effects may not feel as intense as Chiron’s efforts. I think it’ll be more of a slow burn with periodic epiphanies.

While both of these planets have a years long cycle, the richness of new beginnings will be felt in March and looks to be starting off with a bang or two. Let’s pull up the single card draw for March from the Annual Spread:


Will be hard. Abrupt endings of many kinds will likely happen this month, and will challenge your sense of will and awareness. Have you gained understanding about the significance of loss, or do you only allow yourself the pain of the experience and body of fear you are attached to creating? I’m inclined to say here that whatever outdated attachments you stick to (otherwise keeping you in a looped experience) will be universally crossed and pushed out, much to the dissatisfaction of your comfort zone. This is a month of tearing up old habits and is forecasted to be a little disarming if you don’t operate from your Higher Self perspective (which is also disarming of a different kind, haha). This is a karmic “reward” and you must persist through the difficulty/challenge if you’d like to advance on the walk of spiritual awareness/consciousness.

Simply: I feel as though our perception of money and success are going to be under the microscope. We will be revolutionizing the way we think/use/see money and other Taurean themes.

Here is a more in depth reading I’ve completely to help us create some tools to make this month productive, enlightening, and beneficial: 371C6420-01E4-40ED-8D65-546709457443

Theme of the month: Our self image, beliefs and values. This is about embracing, accepting or addressing them as a way of mending the reflection we see in the mirror. A lot of us are realizing we don’t align with mass conscious beliefs and values anymore, and this month is about answering the call to step out of line and be a beacon of light to everyone else. To me, this is a month of light work and light workers uniting to inspire a redirection of our attention. As I am writing this, there is a massive wave of energy rising in me, as this is exciting stuff. It’s not easy work to do,  but the rewards are lifelong and life changing. These things will be directly reflected in our source of income, jobs, and all material world expressions. Practice is over and it’s game on. If you don’t truly value yourself in some manner you’ll be certain to see it reflected in your bank accounts, job opportunities/experiences, and any other related genre. 

Something to release: Being at a crossroads and picking your regressive misadventure. This is the strongest spiritual card in the deck, and is here to tell you there is no more standing at the fork and hesitating. Not choosing is choosing. So for those that know what needs to change and where they need to go and are brave enough, this month can be beautifully productive and abundant for you!!! This is a month of wide spectrum happenings. Depending where you’re at in your consciousness and willingness is going to define the way the pendulum will swing. 

What needs to be re-evaluated: Where you have become bitter in all modes of love and relationships? Which relationships are toxic? Where are you a toxic contribution? It’s time to evaluate who is truly on board with you following your joy and who is only there to block you from expressing it. Remember everyone in your life is a mirror, and in understanding what motivates their toxicity is only a realization of where you hold self judgement and criticism of yourself. When we can heal these negative self statements, we find it simple to move on from unsupportive people, or can see the interaction as completely different. Either way this month is about drawing a line on toxicity and moving into more love, compassion, and light bearing relationships of all kinds. 

Something that’s been neglected and needs attention: Good news when it comes! Sometimes we receive blessings in ways we didn’t expect which often time makes us see it as less. Maybe it’s not what you wanted to hear but it is in no way an excuse to not embrace positivity when it knocks on your door. This will likely be seen middle of/later in the month after we’ve had our experiences with the relationship front. Like I said, maybe it’s not the news you were most hopeful for about a job or relationship, but that doesn’t mean it won’t carry its own weight in progress or value. Remember, the world works in mysterious ways and if you can be open to any possibility, you are opening yourself to the endless and unimaginable orchestra of life. 

Something to look forward to: I love that this is the card originally pulled for March in my Annual post (but upright). To me this means you can look forward to many karmic cycles closing and that the intensity of this month, when addressed, should not be a lingering experience that is suffered the entire year. I also like that, a card of the most ominous implications, is located  directly under the highest spiritual card. To me this confirms my earlier feeling of many separating paths and for those who are doing the work, can be assured of elevating your reality and closing off a lot of old and dead weights. Traumas will be healed, self will be embraced, conflicts ended. Just have to be tough enough to soften and shine. 

Something to focus on healing: Our perception of enemies so that you can be your best self who is growing a true soul tribe. For those of you familiar with my readings, you know I absolutely love seeing this card whenever it’s drawn for healing. It means that we carry dark energies we were never meant to absorb. Like traumatic beliefs born from abuse. Or abusive criticisms from people we valued. Especially in the realm of childhood and the notions we’ve subconsciously clung to as adults. This is a warm hug on a cold night, a breath of relief after struggling. When you can heal these distorted conversations within, you will directly heal the distortion in your reality (finance, job, possessions, etc). 

In summary, I would say this will be a powerful month to address your self worth and where it’s rooted, removing relationships that don’t grow and support you, and altering your abundance by altering your path to a loving, positive one. 

I am personally very passionate about aiding people in their journey back to their essential, beautiful self and am open and excited to offer my work to anyone interested. You deserve to follow your impulsive joy! 


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