February: Kismet Crossroads


Last month we defined what health meant to us within our relationships, especially the one with Self. I have to admit, in words, my experience would sound bland, but it’s significance was utterly profound.

Things I thought I accepted about myself were presented on a deeper level, and challenged. My path has been redirected to one I have never considered in terms of how I approach work, and I have created deep bonds with people I never thought would have such Divine importance in my life. Life which has become stranger than fiction and so exciting I couldn’t possibly do it justice.

As I’ve translated the cards for this coming month, and taken time to reflect, I am feeling ever more certain of the Builder energy we are being given. Creative, Sacred, Divine opportunities to create something new.

Now that we have grown the bones of our new journey and defined our role and expression, it’s time to solidify our surroundings accordingly.  Let’s take a minute to recap the larger theme from my annual draw:



This month we will grapple with a bit of vexation when it comes to our happiness and finding the light source of our path. We may feel like the evolution of projects and Self are not advancing and will inspire some fear as to whether or not we are making the right choices. This may bump you off your center and feeling of peace and alignment. Understand these feelings arise so that you may grow into Self-confidence, always remembering that your thoughts create your reality. Have heart and let the light shine on the message underneath the experience. This is a good month to experiment with stillness, and the feeling of sitting in silence amongst nature. Open yourself to sunlight, let your cells absorb the life source and revitalize your natural state of harmony. It will be a good month to practice the essence of NOW and learning to loosen the strings tying you to anxiety and expectation. This philosophy will be detrimental in the coming months.

Simply: I am reminded here of a saying I read just this morning from Bashar that says, “The only reason you create impatience is because you think you need patience and you don’t. If you are enjoying every single moment of your life because you know every single moment of your life is there for a reason, then you won’t be waiting for something better to come along, and when you are not waiting for something better to come along, you don’t need to be patient.”

Remember even irritation serves a purpose in navigating you towards your ultimate truth. When occasions arise that push your comfort zone, slow down and go within. Find your inner voice again and refocus. Now let’s look in depth on these themes and how we may use the energy to our highest desire:


  1. Energy: Now that you have spent the last month accepting and stepping into your new journey and expression, you may be faced with friendships/relationships that no longer synchronize with your vibration. It may feel like you’ve outgrown them and the experience. You certainly have. Have faith in these feelings and your current path as you make any changes to your relationships and realigning values. 
  2. What’s ready to be released: Now is a time of spring cleaning and sweeping out the cobwebs. It is a good time to look at your core values and sweep out any bad habits or negative stigmas you are holding on to. While you may not see the results immediately you have to understand that these are long term intentions that will build consistent abundance to you spiritually over time. Blessings arrive when you make space for them. 
  3. What’s in need of re-evaluation: Your impulse trail to Joy and how it affects your heart on a physical plane. Last month we addressed our health issues and tackled habits that will bring us into a healthier state of being, and now is a good time to re-evaluate how your emotional/soul health is directly correlated to your body. When you hesitate to follow your impulse towards what makes you happy, you are doing your spirit a disservice. When this happens consistently you are transferring this disservice into your cells and all other physical elements as a means to communicate to you on a level you accept: disease and sickness. There is undoubtedly a metaphysical importance to this month with a focus on how your relationships are energetically affecting your Joy. 
  4. Something that may be neglected: While we look to stay busy simplifying and refocusing our environment and relationships to our newest journey, we may overlook what is already synchronized and harmonizing. We may neglect the people/projects that are guiding and enchanting our paths. Make sure you make time to appreciate and love these things, tend them like you would a garden, feed them with your Inner Flame so they too, may grow and exchange their own light with yours. Remind yourself not everyone in your life needs to come under review and analytical suspicion. 
  5. What to look forward to: There will be a lot of opportunity for resolution and bond building this month, which will usher in a lot of material world abundance as a reflection. There is a great chance for making connections that will ground you into your wealth (let’s not think just in coins, here). This is a door closing to open another month. And I’m getting an image of many of them doing this all at once with an air of magic! 
  6. Something capable of being healed: The dark energies we were never meant to consume, absorbed by people/projects we were never meant to exchange energy with. Unfortunately, there are harmful energies in this world in all forms, people included, that like to feed off your light and weaken your power. Whatever injury and illness that has lowered your vibration in the past will receive a strong healing wind this month, thanks to the new people and projects that will wander into your life. It’s amazing how healing positive relationships can be, whether as a reminder to have faith in others like you, or as teachers leading the way. You get my point. 

Overall, there is a wonderful chance to make this month enlightening, uplifting, and surprisingly wonderful if you can turn your source oto inspiration (instead of vexation) and shine light on spiritual happiness and emotional wellness. 

2019 Steps: 

  • Get your health straight✔️
  • Check expectations/bring yourself into the NOW✔️

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