January Forecast: Building Balance


January will be a month of getting centered and focused as you navigate your new chapter and consider how you’d like to interact and contribute to the Collective as your unique Self. Below is the spread and card drawing I pulled for the monthly forecast of January:




Energy of the Month 


As we ceremonially, and traditionally, say goodbye to the old year, we will have a renewed energy to become better and more self-centered. Professionally, we may look to start out on our goals for success while personally we may be seeking to improve our over all health in all aspects. Take advantage of the Capricorn energy to put yourself to work, just mind overdoing it and burning out before you’ve even begun.

This is also a month to mind your relationships and how you choose to interact with the people around you. We just came off a huge cycle of self revolution and understanding. We may be feeling zealous about the truths we’ve uncovered about our beliefs and our path. While there is never anything wrong with sharing your Truth, remember it’s not your responsibility to press your Truth on others, and nor should they do such to you. We can all learn and assimilate knowledge from each other in a way that is aligned with our unique Self. Remember when we are not aligned with our excitement and highest expression, but instead choosing to follow someone else’s, we can often inspire many health issues and depression, thus operating out of a lower expression and unable to manifest the opportunities that fulfill us! Don’t get gridlocked into an expression with people and things that don’t vibrate at your frequency.

With that said, it would be a good month to make/allow any changes that support your intuitive path as they will likely bring success and happiness to you later on. We are entering a reality that is under new construction and in desperate need of Capricorn’s diligence and the unity offered by Aquarian energy.


What Needs Releasing

Your ideas about success and failure, loss and gain. Anything is possible if you leave your door to abundance open and invite what may come to fill your tank. You took a beating in 2018 and did the hard work of growing your consciousness. You are able to understand the concept of this card and because of it, new forms of abundance can start to arrive. You have a choice to approach this month with suspicion or interest; it’s up to you.


What Ideas Need Re-evaluating 

The way you perceive your path. Doom and gloom come with silver linings that are irreplaceable in the eyes of the Sage. Make sure you walk into this New Year with a refreshed and mature set of eyes. Nothing is as it seems and the unveiling of Truth is just as exciting as it is challenging. Take a moment this month to pick your direction for the year, and be certain this will ultimately bring you into a state of well being. This may even mean taking big risks that will turn your path upside down, but in such a way that you will be rewarded for bravely following that little voice inside you.


What’s Being Neglected

The lessons you’ve learned that have molded your current material world. This is in regards to the responsibility you have for yourself and your reality. We have spent a lot of time understanding how we relate and react to the people around us, perhaps without accepting our own role in the experience. Look where you feel suspicious or lack confidence and take some time to address these beliefs. This month has a turning point vibration to me and it’s imperative you are grounded as shifts happen. This way you can look upon these changes with gratitude instead of pessimism. Look forward to opportunity, and not back to old abandonments and hurts!


What To Look Forward To

Unifying with compassionate and like minded people. This is a Builder Year, and this month is great for binding yourself with people who seek to elevate the world around you. This card has a lean on marital partnerships and the creation you experience as a team in a love. I’m going to stick my neck out here and call out the women reading this. This is a month to come into, call on, seek out, or amp up your Divine Feminine as a means to bring BALANCE into your relationships. This doesn’t mean rampaging and carrying on as a war waging demand for respect, but to be the Queen of your realm and assert peace and benevolence by example. This is something you have to look forward to this entire year. I’m sure the archetypal energies within us are eager to come into balance! And for those single ladies, take stock of your girl gang and ensure that your intentions are set to bring balance to Earth! The war on men is outdated.


What Needs Healing

Looking to Card One as guidance and unification, I can see we have an opportunity to heal the interaction of the Feminine and the Masculine. Upside down, this tells me it’s a time to let our Feminine lead the way in doing this as we let go of the hurts caused by the immature and selfish Masculine trends of old. This is a great month to focus on balance and what that means between your archetypal halves as a projection for the year ahead. Remember, what’s within is also without and getting an understanding of what this means for you personally can truly set you up for a beautiful year building an aligned reality. This is the essence of the Mouse, the Goddess, the Mother; subtle, compassionate shifts that harbor love and inspire others to understand the balance we seek within comes from understanding and embracing all facets of ourself; masculine and feminine.



I love that the energy card is the same card I drew in my annual spread; almost like a confirmation to any last lingering doubts we have about following the advice of a “deck of cards.”

This month is about taking strides to understand that aligning with our individual truth is important in turning the gears of the collective vibration. We are All in One and how you contribute will be illuminated. Though the Mouse cards is our guidance for the year, that does not mean staying humble goes hand in hand with being timid. The Mouse is humble in its capability and its importance, but far from weak and incapable. It’s amazing what transformations take place in the quiet, meticulous movements of your conscious projections.

For further thought, I’d encourage you all to delve into the meaning of the archetypal Feminine and Masculine as a means of understanding where you need to seek balance in your life. You may also want to look at your birth chart and find where you have Capricorn and Cancer. With the nodes in these signs we are learning to let go of dogma and accept compassion; even finding the middle ground between them. By knowing where you are influenced by these energies, you can see what you personally need to understand about where YOU are dogmatic in your expression or overzealous, and where you could move into a more nurturing and receiving attitude. Try “softening” this month.



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