2019: A Humbling Path


Where this year has stripped away our inauthentic Self, next year will be reflecting how your material/physical world is not in alignment with who you have evolved into. This will mean many challenges in terms of pushing your belief system on some of the structures and ideas that we as humans are most attached to. There will be many opportunities that will arise, asking you to strip down your beliefs about money, finance, and the mold of success to a more spiritual base. This isn’t going to be easy for many people, if not all of us, but it opens your heart to truly enjoying your experience in life and at the fullest soul capacity. Having already drawn a card spread and made notes, I’m not lying when I say I’m trying to sweeten the deal a little here. The truth is, the year isn’t forecasted to be a break out of beauty after an intense 2018, but a continuance of the work, although I think the intensity will be lifted a little in that the focus is shifted to our projections and reflections as a means of understanding Self and Collective, as opposed to tearing apart our souls to hear Spirit over Ego (well, ideally having them harmonize, but that’s kind of the point of the 2018-2019 punch sequence). With that said, below is my intuitive channel for next year’s adventure, month by month. I’m excited to share it and compare notes as we move through each month in our NOW and see what aligns us to a higher consciousness!



A gust of wind will draw into us, like it does at every New Year, when we gather our thoughts and move in a direction toward our goals and desires. The sun has set on 2018 and we look back with a strange nostalgia on all we have been through. It may invite old feelings of sadness so remember don’t linger too long on what has gone. You have made huge changes in the last months of 2018 and you can have faith that these have brought you into alignment with your Divine path. We will be inclined to tackle our health issues this month; a goal not uncommon at this time of year.

January always has a stigma attached to it that kind of sets us up for disappointment, and it may be best to go into the month realistically optimistic and not so strong headed that you risk treating others poorly. The old working motto of  “success at any cost” is likely to be challenged here and may be your key towards understanding an underlying cause to your health dis-ease. Recall that you spent the end of 2018 rebuilding a Tribe that better aligns with your current (hopefully more authentic) Self and it would be a shame to shove aside the opportunity to integrate the insights they reflect to you about your current reality-creating goals.

Simply: January is about setting yourself up in a healthy mind+body alignment as a means of preparation for a challenging year. This then extends to your relationships and bringing them into alignment with your health on all levels. It’s gonna take a tribe!


This month we will grapple with a bit of vexation when it comes to our happiness and finding the light source of our path. We may feel like the evolution of projects and Self are not advancing and will inspire some fear as to whether or not we are making the right choices. This may bump you off your center and feeling of peace and alignment. Understand these feelings arise so that you may grow into Self-confidence, always remembering that your thoughts create your reality. Have heart and let the light shine on the message underneath the experience. This is a good month to experiment with stillness, and the feeling of sitting in silence amongst nature. Open yourself to sunlight, let your cells absorb the life source and revitalize your natural state of harmony. It will be a good month to practice the essence of NOW and learning to loosen the strings tying you to anxiety and expectation. This philosophy will be detrimental in the coming months.

Simply: I am reminded here of a saying I read just this morning from Bashar that says, “The only reason you create impatience is because you think you need patience and you don’t. If you are enjoying every single moment of your life because you know every single moment of your life is there for a reason, then you won’t be waiting for something better to come along, and when you are not waiting for something better to come along, you don’t need to be patient.”



Will be hard. Abrupt endings of many kinds will likely happen this month, and will challenge your sense of will and awareness. Have you gained understanding about the significance of loss, or do you only allow yourself the pain of the experience and body of fear you are attached to creating? I’m inclined to say here that whatever outdated attachments you stick to (otherwise keeping you in a looped experience) will be universally crossed and pushed out, much to the dissatisfaction of your comfort zone. This is a month of tearing up old habits and is forecasted to be a little disarming if you don’t operate from your Higher Self perspective (which is also disarming of a different kind, haha). This is a karmic “reward” and you must persist through the difficulty/challenge if you’d like to advance on the walk of spiritual awareness/consciousness.

Simply: I feel as though our perception of money and success are going to be under the microscope. We will be revolutionizing the way we think/use/see money and other Taurean themes.


There will be a chance to take a close up look at the way your goals  and desires align (or not) with your authentic Self. This month offers a first chance to unify your physical world with the spiritual one. Which means having a little faith over monetary loss/fear created from last month. April has potential for a lot of work/progress. It’s the astrological new year and the true beginning of your birthing process. I’m getting the sense that the energy is going to be quite intense; much like a hawk diving in on a target. Laser focus, clarity, and action with a lean on relationships/projects. It will be a rapid builder month. As a last thought, I want to remind you all that work/progress is individually defined, which is why the information here is so vague. We will all be building and progressing in unique ways that parallel our own realities, and I would be excited to create a place to share what we are learning with each other this month.

Simply: Adapt and overcome! Resourcefulness and diligence will be of great benefit to you.



We shall be pulling up our anchors and how this affects you will differentiate broadly. From a higher view, this movement is of a positive nature,  but what inspires the initial spark of action may come from a breach of trust or the revealing of a hard truth. The anxiety/upset it causes will be the source of inspiration to tackle the issues it dredges up (think an anchor covered in underwater plant life). Have heart that whatever emotional upsets this causes will be short lived and will not hinder our journey too long. As I said, this month has a moving vibration to it that is hard to decipher as I feel each of us will utilize it differently. This month also feels heavily karmic, and will play out for you according to your current vibration (high or low). Either way these uprootings are encouraging you to move into heart based ventures. Whether that brings stormy seas or a sunny one is up to Karma (or what you’ve previously sent out for manifestation). Intuitively, I’m going to note that whatever planets are retrograding during this time will be good guidance towards your experience.

Simply: Change is inevitable, especially in people. Diplomacy and compassion may be your best tools this month.


The isolation and negativity brought on from the previous month is resolved here. Balance will be restored and big changes will be ahead of us. In particular for those experiencing hardships in love. There is never as much revealed in these situations, I think because our guides know how bad we are with making and hold expectations or elevating the promise of “good.” So the message is short and general (and tied in with the 13th card).

Simply: Keep an open mind and open heart to what may be presented to you this month as any changes could be a manifestation of your desires.


A new “person” will arrive in your life to offer clarity about whatever you are still struggling to understand about your path. This could literally be a light haired man, or symbolically be someone in the role of a youthful or kind hearted light worker. The duration of their coexistence with you will be short, but significant in revealing what’s been previously hidden. This will be a month to hit the books in regards to the revelations made, see the big pictures, and carry out the details necessary to achieve your lofty goals. With the help of said mystery “pal” you can attain Master Builder vibrations. Just remember to maintain a balanced lifestyle. This is another month I’m drawn to say that planetary retrogrades will be in the limelight.

Simply: Do your homework, take your notes, draw your maps.


After so much hard work we will be tempted in the fun of a Leo Sun to play the Fool and shrug off some of the responsibilities we have. I am drawn to say that this is the break we’ll need so long as we don’t take it too far. No jumping off cliffs this month or being overly irresponsible! You don’t wan to put yourself too far off the path as a foreshadow for the rest of the year. There will be temptations to drown out your troubles this month….don’t. Again with so much potential for a little fun and “good,” the interpretation is pretty vague with a hint of caution.

Simply: Take a break, rest wisely.


Money will be at the forefront this month and how you connect your relationships to it. There will be an air of bitterness in terms of financial bonds and you may be seeking someone to point a finger at. However, it’s not how this works. We will be reminded this month that financial wealth is a direct mirror of our inner abundance and looking towards someone else to create or take away your monetary status is only a projection of what you need to work on within yourself. Mind your relationships this month as symbolic clues towards regaining a more grounded floor in your financial and material realm.

Simply: Everyone in your life is a mirror.


The challenge continues as we remold our ideas defining success and wealth. The hard way. There is no voyage. No way out. Just a clear cut realization just as Scorpio likes. Truth. I feel like knowing this ahead of time can really be beneficial in staying centered through what is possibly the hardest human veil to lift. This may show up as a break up with someone that you believed was a financial support. Or it could be a lack of recognition for your diligence at work or from peers on a project. I’m going to stick my neck out and say that the more tightly you hold on to the idea of money as the be-all-end-all to life, the worse this month will be for you.

Simply: Revolutionize the way you view money and traditional values.


Getting knocked off whatever high we had at the beginning of the year has left us with some dark energies we were never meant to absorb. This could be in the form of someone who blames you or the blame you are placing on others. The lack of success you expected has not materialized the way you perceived it would and it’s easy to see where and how your tribe has affected or reflected the reasons. Avert the evil spell of expectation. It is limiting your view of possibilities and circumstances and the underlying, behind the scenes work that is going on. Did you follow the path of what was conventional and “safe” in terms of finance and traditional values? Did you stray from the belief that you could be fulfilled in your heart based ventures because it didn’t bring you fast cash? Things to think about and feathers to pluck.

Simply: Put your money where your Soul is, not your Soul where your money is.


We have a chance to clear the storm as long as we are not stagnant in our sorrows over the losses these last few months (in particular) have brought us. The truth is, you may not be appreciated by everyone when you’re in your Truth, and that’s okay. However, it’s completely on you to decide how you choose to view the year looking back. All the lessons learned could have brought you to a more stable place, even if it was a difficult road to get there. To me, knowledge is power and if we can peek in on what’s to come we can best handle the obstacles and transmute them to our benefit!

Simply: Carry onward and upward.


Divine Message for 2019

I so wanted this to be an inspirational post to tell you next year is going to be so much easier. But the Mouse (my secret favorite card) is about being humble and every day, mundane details we have to tend to in order to create a reality that’s practical, stable and truly valuable. I think Uranus is going to have its way with us next year and many will be in for quite a shock when it comes to money and power ideologies. I know it’s at its weakest in Taurus, but I think that’s why many of us may be more affected by the slow burn that we realize.

But if you follow the guidance the Mouse offers and appreciate a position of resourcefulness and simplicity, it may be a better year for you than most. 2019 could offer you some of the most beautiful, soul filling gifts you could ever receive as you watch a world unfold in front of you that is natural, beautiful and in alignment with our truest expressions as humans.

It’s important to remember that there is no obstacle or idea that you cannot overcome or change, even when you feel small and insignificant. “If you can’t change what’s happening, change the way you respond to it.”

Projects may take longer than you wanted, especially when they cooperate with others, but it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. This year is most definitely about staying in the moment and focusing on what’s in your NOW in order to take proper actions that will manifest your goals in the future. It’s going to be a tedious year, and in that vein, I believe the cards are communicating a foreshadowing of “strife” the same way a mouse would sense a coming storm on a ship so that we can all act accordingly, and prepare our conscious awareness about these themes before we’re experiencing it.

Adaptation and determination will get you through any moments of stress you may encounter. A mouse can survive the toughest of living conditions and so can you. Lastly, on the darker side, this is a warning not to run and hide when things get hard, especially in August when the temptation is there for the taking.


Lastly a personal note: I would have loved more than anything to back this up with astrology and specific planet alignments, but I am not an expert, and don’t have the capacity to assimilate so much information at this time. I know, though, that Uranus in Taurus will arrive to revolutionize the way we interpret money/finance and traditional values. I know that at some point Saturn retrogrades in Capricorn and it will allow us to reconsider our limiting beliefs around power and the masculine energy within us, and rake over our karmic build up to serve us a little reality. I know a few more things, though I personally feel these cover the broadest of themes which is the purpose of this post. I intend to carry on my dailies through Instagram (@chaseyourdarling) and I intend to do equinox/solstice draws as well as monthlies so we can compare and review together in order to guide ourselves towards an ultimate awareness.

2019 Checklist:

  1. Get your health straight.
  2. Check expectations/bring yourself into the NOW
  3. Be open to new thoughts/perceptions/experiences
  4. Adapt and Overcome
  5. Lessons learned move us forward
  6. Storms Calm
  7. Do your homework and study the messages now clarified
  8. Recharge your Spirit
  9. Responsibility inspired by Spirit not Ego
  11. Adjust your sails
  12. Look forward with a chest full of treasure

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