Ascension Tribe: Aligning Relationships for an Aligned You

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I wish I could blaze a light in my path and look ahead to make sure I don’t stumble or misstep. I’m sure you feel the same way. Maybe you know what you should be doing, what you want to be doing, but the how and why just aren’t as concrete as you want. That’s okay. We are moving deeper into all of these ideas.

In a society so accustomed and ruled by instant gratification (well, instant everything) the fact that we have a process to go through is stirring up a lot of anxieties. It’s a bit like quick sand right now; the more you fret and thrash and reach for any thing that seems to let you escape, the worse off you’re going to be. This is some thick energy, some old energy, and glued together by big blocks that you’ve carried with you for a long time.

Venus Retrograde will be incredibly intense, but I think in understanding that, you can let go of the gloom and doom feeling, take it seriously, and then look at it as an opportunity to discover yourself and your desires in a truth deeper than you could have ever imagined. Open yourself to the messages and feelings being brought to light. Look around you, not to fight for what’s being lost, but to embrace what’s being born. With the Sun in Libra, a lot of these emotions and energies I’m mentioning will probably resonate most in your dealings with relationships of all sorts; romantic, plutonic, business, self.  

Now is a great time to find your tribe and build support with each other.

As I’ve said in previous posts, a lot is falling away and coming together at the same time. Open your eyes to this. We tend to grasp at what’s dying because it’s what’s comfortable, and we fear moving forward without the presence we’ve been so used to having. I should know! Having to let go of an eight year relationship with the Morrigan herself has been a mixed bag of emotions. No one wants to say goodbye to a dear friend. No one wants to admit that some relationships are meant to be broken. But it’s the truth, and it’s important not to look at it as a failure or something to be ashamed of. I can’t drill it into your head enough when I say some things are meant to be broken. You’ve learned all that you can from each other, and maybe the lessons hurt. Maybe it’s hard to move beyond that hurt. We like to revisit our pain to understand it or try and transmute it, but going backwards isn’t going to do that for you; only forward.

As your pain, struggle, fear, and anxieties of the last eight years are bubbling up for release, breathe into them. Understand that this is what’s happening. Loosen your grip and focus on the excitement of new possibilities! Take this next week to see who is no longer a part of your tribe, honor their own journey, and let them go along their path. Soon, it will be revealed to you what is next and who will be around.

Check in with your energy, vibration, thoughts, and actions when you are with certain people; be it friends, coworkers, lovers, or yourself. How do they make you feel? What attitude do you maintain in their presence? What kind of person are you inspired to be around them? How does your life flow? Pay attention when you go into old habits, thoughts, negative expressions, or exhausted and sick feelings. This is your sign. It’s time to lovingly let go. No judgements on each other. Just a kind parting of ways. And most importantly:

Listen to the voice in your mind. What are you saying to yourself that condemns you, puts you down, holds you back, and makes you feel unworthy? Cut the cord on these thoughts. You’ve outgrown them.

Take time to do the clearing now so you can go into next weekend with plenty of space for your new ascending tribe and self. It’s time to “level up,” but you gotta beat the boss on this one first by letting go of what/who is no longer serving your soul.

As always, my inbox is open! I have found a really great three-step tarot spread to help anyone who is interested in where to start. I’m also here to listen, chat, offer any kind of help in discussing these ideas in greater personal depth. It’s my jam and it pleases me to do it!

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