Authentic Opportunity: Stepping Into You


(Photo: Unknown)

As I was mentioning last week on my Facebook (, we are being presented with the opportunity to integrate and improve the ability to manifest our desires by being our authentic selves. We’ve been through the muck and mire of shadow work, and came to terms with who we are and what parts we like to hide. We’ve had time to marinate in our truths and learn to start loving and accepting what we would normally neglect. A grand opening for marrying all of these things into new possibilities and real fulfillments is happening now.

Traditions are changing. The campaign for acceptance has long been under way, but it’s finally rooting, especially in younger generations. I think with the explosion of social media, we all got caught in the whirlwind without really realizing how we were using it. Suddenly our entire lives became accessible to so many people, and that opened lanes for a lot of judgement. It gave opportunities for gossip, speculation, and escapism from our own unhappiness. Life became interesting in a new way, and I think the seduction of living outside ourselves resulted in a deviation from our true paths. It quickly became about creating an image that made other people envious, or a means to prove how amazing our life was, all the while carefully editing out what we thought would seem distasteful, or worse what would inspire distaste from those peeking in on your day to day.

However, I think that era has become tired and I have seen from many platforms the encouragement of “imperfection” or even just the truth. I think as a whole, we are sick of editing ourselves to conform and in that exhaustion of pretending we’ve released our authenticity. There couldn’t be a better time to bring awareness to yourself and this particular motion. It’s time to try doing things a little differently, so that you are better served as a whole, and not just in part.

Some of us have had a hell of a time dealing with people in our lives and it felt like battle after battle after battle. Are you feeling a little worn out? Tired of the continuous struggle with no real result? ( I laughed at myself reading this, because it sounds like a cheesy informercial…keeping it… because humor). Try something other than fighting tooth and nail. The war zone on all levels is outdated, maybe it’s time to walk away or find compromise. You’ve learned a lot about yourself and your true values, and being stuck in old thought patterns won’t serve you anymore. Be energetically grounded only in things that feed your newly defined expression instead.

In my last article, I wrote about self development, about the importance of growing and nurturing your shadow side and really understanding its motivation and desire. I think we went to our brinks, had our toes dangling off the edge of what we could endure, and then turned around and made way to safer territories. Now, here we are again, approaching that ledge, but with an arsenal of tools in our arms. It’s not necessarily a free fall; you have the rope, the harness, and maybe even support to help you ease down into the unknown. It feels less exhausting than the constant breaking open and pushing forward like before.

This time you can choose to experience a familiar situation differently. Use the lessons you’ve learned about yourself to utilize these new aspects you’ve adopted or accepted in a meaningful way. At this point I think you’ve realized what is of value to you and what’s not worth spending energy on. Hold yourself to these evolved perspectives and become more efficient in manifesting a reality that enriches all parts of who you are. It’s okay to be stubborn. In fact, this is the perfect example of turning a “shadow” trait into an amazing tool.

Be stubborn about focusing on your talents, and allowing their value to take you in a new direction or to the next step on your path. Look around you and evaluate your energy outlets. Realize what is working for you and what is wasting you. Don’t worry if changing your focus is going to bring side glances and sighs from someone else. Don’t worry if it’s not what someone else would do. Life works uniquely for all of us and we can no longer expect results with someone else’s methods. Turn down the white noise. Turn up efficient expansion.

Try something new, step out of your rut, be open to opportunity, and look at flexibility in a different way. Sometimes this is seen as a high value trait, and one to show off. But bending when you should be breaking is taking something normally viewed as positive and making it a shadow habit. Again, this is all about your authenticity.

Experiment with your true desires, your innate talents, and try new ways of expressing them. Now is a time more than ever to step out of routines and use your arsenal of new tools appropriately. Why waste talents working towards goals that don’t actually satisfy you? No more hiding, no more wasting time. No more busy work for the sake of looking busy. This is one I’ve really had to meditate on, myself (which will be shared next time!).

This is exactly what “chase your darling” represents, and I am so excited for this present time, as I feel this site’s core values are in dire need of expression and action within each of us. We simply cannot continue living a masked life, running around in circles, pleasing everyone, and creating a definition of success by other people’s praise. You are built the way you are for a reason, you are driven by your desires for a reason. The last few years have been hard on all of us. Trial after trial, we dragged our bruised and battered bodies to the next experiment, the next challenge, the next disappointment. Now, here we are, on top of the hill, the sun blanketing us in alchemical gold, transforming us into our more complete self. Look at what you have overcome, evolved, and acquired. The edge is at our toes and now we know how to descend into new territory. Yes, descend. For this is a harkening back to your true direction before ascending into a new era; a golden age.

This time it’s the same, but different. You are the same, but different. Evaluate, apply, and adapt.


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