The Good, The Bad, and The Truth



The journey of novel writing has been an interesting one. I’ll be adding a second blog next week detailing with more of the process for my fellow writers, and readers who may not understand all that goes into getting your book ready for purchase. Without further hesitation, here it goes…

The Good.

I look back on all the years Dream Wakers has lived; from creation and first drafts to where it sits now on “vacation,” and it makes me feel so lucky to have such a large support group. I have always had at least one personal cheerleader (looking at you Jeff Happ!), and most of the time, I’ve had many (hey there spiritual circle from IAG, miss you!). I’ve had the chance to create international fans and followers, turned friends (Hey Beau, haven’t heard from you in a while!). There’s been positive buzz about the story (Stacy, still my favorite review! Emily from Goodreads, get ready for Book 2!). I’ve even been able to talk about it in depth with readers, and how it’s affected their life or made them think more deeply, and to me that is the goal I’ve always wished to reach. So, with that said, I am a success on a personal level. I feel very content in all the positive encounters I’ve had because of this book. Not to mention that I finished the first draft in my early twenties! It’s something I will always be very proud of. But, in mentioning that first draft…..

The Bad. 

Okay, here’s the juice, folks. This is the stuff that’s hard to talking about as a self proclaimed perfectionist. I’ve made tons of mistakes along the way, and most of them are mortifying. As an excited, extremely driven author who had just completed her first novel, my impulsive side took the reins. I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone, and why should I? I took advice from others who were just as excited for me, and also just as clueless about the the publishing process and industry. I still cringe at that first edition, full of horrendous typing errors, confusing plot line, and terrible cover art. I have four of them chilling on my bookshelf at home just to remind me to be patient and wise. Then there was the phase of thinking that I didn’t need a literary agent, the story was so good that I could just throw it up on Amazon and it’ll be a hit! At this point, I’d paid the money for a professional cover design and had revised the manuscript, but hadn’t spent any time truly understanding the audience I wanted to capture. So my cover ended up looking like a lesbian love story, and under a pen name that used my (now) ex-fiance’s surname. Insert face-palm here. At this point, I was heading in a more mature direction, but I had blown my big platform on the debut version (can I die right here from the mortification?). I had some better reviews on Goodreads, and that was encouraging, but I just wasn’t getting the momentum I wanted. So I thought a literary agent would do good (duh). Long story short, this wasn’t in the cards any longer. Years later, revision after revision, polished (af) manuscript, and nothing. I had two agents tell me they’d have picked it up if it was an unpublished work. One of them (and a prominent agent at that) was extremely insightful after her lamenting rejection and I will always be grateful to her for that kindness. But I will extend on the whole literary agent thing next time.

The Truth. 

The truth is, even after all of the ups and downs, I still really believe in this novel. There are readers that still believe in this novel. I still get emails all the time, from all over the world, in regards to the series and when it will continue forward. I am happy to say that it is. Dream Wakers will be re-released with a boutique publisher, which means I get to tailor the process to my vision (and for those who know me, know this is important). I intend for the new, shiny, professional, Barnes and Noble worthy version to be out for purchase in the first half of 2019. I will be putting the entire process out there; the nitty gritty, the exciting, and the secretive.

This book will make you think, question, and explore. It will stir wonder back into an otherwise mundane life. It’s a way for me to bring back indigenous mentalities in a modern way, which is something I think society is in desperate need of. If you like the content on this page, if you want to see the “bad guys” called out in a bold way, then please continue reading to find out more. If you are passionate about the “old ways of myth/legend” and reviving them into an evolved future, then please keep reading. If you enjoy the marrying of magic and science, then you too, should continue reading. Or if you just like a good story, plain and simple, keep reading.

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