Saturn in Capricorn: Practical Growth


Now that you’ve set an intention with the new moon, let’s see how The Tough Love Teacher will work with you to make it happen. To me, Saturn is kind of like the Clint Eastwood of the planets. He’s old school, a little harsh, and makes sure you stay on course to learn what you need to make it through life. Roll with him and your growth could be exponential, but fight against it and you’ll just end up grounded from all your fun. I know it feels like I’m a little behind on this Saturn in Cap train, but I feel like with Aquarius up to bat, it’s a perfect time to really understand what trend will run through the next few years of your life. Aquarius is the sign of innovation and the future. Knowing how to incorporate that into where your limits will be set can really benefit you in ways you’d never imagine.

I encourage you to stop thinking of limitations as such a negative concept. Below I’ll again list per zodiac sign, how Saturn will be affecting you, and how your new moon intention and this upcoming Aquarius energy can help catapult you into something wonderful.

Aries/Career: Pay attention to your struggle at work. It’s Saturn’s way of telling you this isn’t the right place to be expelling your efforts. Sure we have to take steps we don’t enjoy to get to the dream, but don’t  confuse that with a clear message to change directions. On the other hand, don’t let your impatience waiver your drive if you are on the right path. The next few years keep your eyes open and your honesty close at hand. Get ahead of the game, and look ahead so you know which steps to take to get where you want to be. Stay in the game.

Taurus/Ideas: The squeeze is going to get tight on your dramatic and unnecessary thoughts. This is a time to focus on possibility and manifesting. You can have what you wish and yearn for, but the dramatics will have to go in order to get there. Be aware of where your mind travels when you’re not paying attention. Do you need a little discipline or a little belief? It’s amazing what you can ground into your reality when you work with the practical guidance of Saturn.

Gemini/Relationships: In the next couple of years, I believe you will really be reevaluating the people you surround yourself with and shedding skins that confine you. It’s about the cycle of death and rebirth and if you can absorb some of the upcoming Aquarius energy, I believe you can get a jump start on creating a refreshed life for yourself. Keep your eyes open for relationships that feel strained, patterns that bore you. Saturn is really going to sit some weight on this area of you life to encourage you to venture into new realms that better serve the person you transformed into throughout 2017.

Cancer/Cooperation: Where can you be a little less hesitant and get help from the people in your life? It’s going to be less about you for a while and more about how others can help you get where you want to go, and how you can help them. Instead of using your love of home to pack up and hide, utilize that warm feeling you omit and crave to reach out to others and create an atmosphere that benefits others. You have an awesome ability to soothe and be love. Use it. share it. You may find that your alone time just doesn’t sit well the next few years, so don’t be afraid to share yourself.

Leo/Health: The next  few years are going to smash your bad habits. These will mostly be centered around health and wellness. Where are you doing one thing instead of the thing you know you really should be doing? Where are your eating addictions getting the better of you? Are you working yourself to the bone? Gossip? Negative self talk? All of these things are going to start feeling like a strain instead of a guilty pleasure. Or, if you don’t realize you’re doing it, soon you will!

Virgo/Self: Sorry Virgo, but your talent for tight restraint on yourself is going to be magnified the next few years. It will be in your best interest to use it to your advantage. Mature yourself, mature your joys and expressions. Are there parts of your life and your joy where you perhaps approach it unrealistically, or in a manner that isn’t as logical as your capability provides? Are you escaping into what you enjoy doing to avoid responsibility? Now is the time to evaluate where you misplace your joy and self expression. If you don’t, Saturn will do it for you, and trust me it will be less enjoyable.

Libra/Family: The next few years will be best spent focusing on creating a loving and tender family unit. Do not cling to the harshness of your past experiences in this realm, it will no longer serve you to do so. Look to faith and let it guide you in your decision to move forward in creating a sense of love and comfort. You may naturally feel the responsibility to do this, and that is exactly what you should pursue. It will be a waste of time trying to point fingers at parents in any form. The structures that built you don’t have to continue building walls. Just remember the harder you cling to the negative, outdated patterns, the worse you’ll be making it for yourself.

Scorpio/Compassion: My little sealed off secret keeper, this is going to be a challenging couple of years for you, I think. Saturn is going to put the push on you to uncork that need to keep yourself protected, but for good reason. You are an incredibly deep feeling, kind hearted person at your good core. It’s high time to share that wonderful part of you with the world. We need it so badly these days, don’t you agree? Here’s the thing to remember; you tend to be very empathetic, so make sure you take care of yourself and get enough rest while you try putting yourself out there. If you can vulnerable, I truly believe the next few years are going to be really exceptional.

Sagittarius/Money: Find your Rolling Stones album, and get ready for the repeat button, because you can’t always get what you want. But, you will get what you need. Do you know the difference? Find your budget belt and tighten it the F up. The next few years can be very lucrative for you with Saturn as your watchful father. His energy will guide you willingly through better budgets and financial gain as long as you can stand it! Spend it where it counts and with a frugal attitude you will still have some left over for pleasure, don’t worry. Can you shuck your impulsive and addictive nature for more than a few days?

Capricorn/Self: Do you know what you want and who you are? I wouldn’t be surprised if on some level you did. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had doubts as well. These next few years will be all about you. The you that got lost between career ambition and other priorities. Should you stray from this chance to value yourself and rediscover who you are, be sure that none of those projects you focus so hard on will ever really come to full term. Be kind, be humble, to yourself and others and watch what unfolds.

Aquarius/Stability: I get the sense that you are full of ideas and ready to see them materialize. They will. With work. Saturn is here to teach you that your innovative sense of thinking is very powerful….with Capricorn’s work ethic to support you. If you want to feel liberated, understand there has to be work to get there. No running away or avoiding it. The more you steer away and distract yourself, the more problems and difficulty you will face. However, with a little commitment and a lot of your obscure sense of vision, the next few years can be quite amazing for you.

Pisces/Friendship: Lean on your close friends for subtle guidance. These will all represent karmic bonds, and manifest as messages to lessons in this life. I just get an overwhelming sense that it’s time to allow these friendships to branch out, as if they are gateways to new people that can greatly enrich your life. It’s as if Saturn is the protective dad holding his child’s hand as they meet a new person for the first time. I don’t think your useful comfort in solitude will be as wonderful as it typically feels the next few years. I know it’s not what you necessarily want to hear, but keep those perceptive eyes wide open and give it a go when you sense the opportunity.

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