New Moon Capricorn: Effective Intentions


There’s a ton of Capricorn energy in the Cosmos right now, and there couldn’t be a more perfect way to honor it than taking some time tonight and tomorrow to set intentions straight during this new moon. I wanted to do one giant article that included multiple influences, but realized it’d be much more effective and Capricorn-ish to break it down into smaller, more focused writing. I promise there’s a method to my madness. Smaller bites are easier to digest, you know?

So as I’ve said, new moons are for setting intentions and planting seeds. What do you want growing in your garden? This is to be answered on a soul level. After last year, the Cosmos aren’t here to play, and it’s time to sober up and settle into the work that is truly meaningful to you, or else the next few years you may find Saturn as a giant buzzkill to your lacking awareness.

To me, Capricorn energy can be extremely powerful if utilized the right way as it’s earth element can ground you into building a highly successful foundation. It’s power is in long term goals and the focus required to see it through. If you’re wondering what direction to turn to in all the aspects of your life, you’ll be wise to know where Capricorn lays in your birth chart. If curiosity finds you, I like this free link to reading your personal birth chart:


However, I’ve done a little of the footwork for you and have listed a general inspiration per your Sun Sign and which house Capricorn falls in.

Aries: Set an intention that synchronizes with your tenth house, or the house of careers. Take time to honor what your soul desires to accomplish in this lifetime. Listen to the theme that drives your day to day decisions, the one that seeks to be recognized by you and by society. Imagine yourself on a stage, accepting an award for doing something exceptional. What are you receiving the award for? Take the answer to heart. Welcome the idea of this ambition, don it’s uniform, and step forward into the role. Do not pass by the opportunity presented to you when it comes. Take methodical steps towards the possibility of actually achieving the recognition you desire.

Taurus: Time to take on those big ideas you’ve been sheepishly avoiding. Have you been projecting and daydreaming lately? If ever there is a time for you to try grounding them into reality it is now. Entertain that your musings could come to fruition with a little stability. Use that innate stubbornness you have to loyally attempt in magic making. Utilize your fellow earth energy to strategize your possibilities. The ninth house governs abstract thinking, so you’ll have to really listen to yourself, Little Bull, as there is no way I can guess what you’ve been daydreaming of. Take a minute and let your mind wander through your dreams. Hook one of them in between your horns and open yourself to the possibility of bringing it out of the Heavens and into your realm of Earthly existence.

Gemini: Have you been holding onto something that really needs letting go? Perhaps it’s going to be painful to do so. Don’t fear the discomfort of new beginnings and shedding of skin. Instead take a minute to visualize a positive future without the “old.” Welcome the joy that could be had with the new space within you. Use a little of the Gemini genius to set out a map on your letting go process. You have a little bit of the occult and clairvoyance on your side this new moon and with Capricorn energy your ability to ground it and manifest is much more possible.

Cancer: Are you surprised the theme best suited for you this new moon has to do with relationships? I’m not either. What have you been considering in the way of long lasting relationships as of late? Is it time to end one, or start one, or honor one better than you have been? Is there a toxic person that you really need to exit your life? Try to relate to the person on your mind and take a minute to see what action you can set forth that would benefit the both of you in the long haul. You’re a healer by nature, use some of that mixed with Capricorn’s ambition to make meaningful moves in your relationships. Encourage bravery into your realm to make it happen.

Leo: Quality not quantity, lion. Where in your daily life can you improve the quality of your application or work? How can you improve the quality of your health? Set forth ways in which you can execute these in your typical enthusiastic fashion. Your energy works well with Capricorn. I’d know because I once had a boss who was a Capricorn and when it comes to work and getting things done it’s really a magical combination. Their confidence to succeed will push you past your deeply hidden doubt. Bring a little of that into your desire to improve the quality of your life. Close your eyes and see the results already accomplished. Relish in it a few moments then toss it to the back of your mind, safe in knowing that you will achieve what you’ve set out to do.

Virgo: Breathe. Enjoy who you are because it truly is a beautiful thing. Reign some of that Capricorn security into your bones. Enjoy all the pleasures in your life and let go of your stresses. Have a little fun, invite a little fling into your reality. Have you been longing for a little play? Can you see it now? Good. Smile and relax, set the intent for it to happen just at the right time, rise and fall with the ebb of the life flow. Synchronicity is so beautiful. This new moon would do you good if you could use that perfectionism to be a little imperfect.

Libra: Go back to your roots, meditate on the patterns of your life, find a theme that nags at you still. Now is the time to recreate some of that Libran balance and work to shed some of those old ways. Take the lessons you’ve learned and change your pace for once. This is one decision you will not have to weigh this year unless you want to experience more regret. Bring it into the home if it hasn’t been feeling like your haven. Look around and see what you don’t need anymore, or what you may be lacking. Emotionally and physically. Meditate a minute on your very foundations, digging the strong roots deeper into the ground, fastening into soul levels. Intend to focus on only the best parts of who you are and the home you’ve built for yourself. Water it, watch it grow.

Scorpio: I know you like to bury things where no one can touch them, or hurt you. It’s more comfortable for you to keep your treasures tucked away. But do you keep others things just as well protected? Perhaps it’s time to stop the wagging tongue and set an intention to treat others the way you like to be treated. Or maybe it’s time to work towards trusting the ones you love most a little more. You’d be surprised how encouraging they could be. If it’s being honest with yourself that is a struggle, maybe set the intent to start journaling. It’s amazing how revealing it can be. The third house has everything to do with communication. Use this New Moon and Capricorns foundational energy to feel secure in trying new ways to communicate, or to stop the negative way you be interacting now.

Sagittarius: I see you, Sag, over there doubting yourself and looking for any way to shuck the responsibility of making yourself feel better. And let me tell you, no amount of money is going to change things if you don’t invest in a self worthy way of obtaining it. Capricorn is practical, no bullshit, no excess. Use that energy to set intentions towards your attitude towards financial wealth and its link to you on a soul level. Set an intention to pick a soul path (I know you already know what that is) and stick to it. Put in the work and watch your world flourish. Let Capricorn ground you for a little longer this time. Imagine yourself in your favorite place, surrounded by your favorite things, doing what you love the very best. Make an entire world out of it. You will be manifesting an entire life to adventure. A world that contains everything you love. Does that sound so confining?

Capricorn: This is your time on such an intense level that anything  you wish to seek, especially about yourself, will come to light. You will find your purpose. If you already have, then it will only become refined and enhanced. I feel like the sky is the limit for you during this time. Think about what it is you want on a personal level, without materialism. Think about the aspects of self that you have never explored or have been too shy to reveal. Open yourself to them. Imagine that you have shared these coveted aspects with others and allow yourself to enjoy the compliments you receive. You are a beautiful soul and it’s time to let yourself shine.

Aquarius: An odd time for an odd sign, isn’t it? Are you feeling like you’ve been a bit of an escapist? The twelfth house is all to do with your subconscious on an internal level, and about places that takes us away on a material plane. How is your mental state? Ill or elevated? This new moon is about grounding deep within your subconscious and perhaps find a foundation to stand on if you’ve been feeling a little shaky. On the other end this could be an opportunity to bring all the soul work you’ve been doing into your material world instead of using it as an escape from it. Find where you are allowing yourself to be taken away from your Now. Set an intention to bring or leave these habits into a physical plane and use it to your benefit, and don’t keep them a secret either. This new moon could be a great way to be successful at allowing a loved one into your secret realms.

Pisces: Perhaps you’ve come to some self realizations in the last year, and they haven’t quite shaken from your day to day thoughts yet. Maybe it’s time to think about how you could put them to good use in a humanitarian sense or in a social group. You have such magical energy, pretty fish, it’s a shame not to share it. Take time to meditate on all that you’ve learned about yourself and see if you can’t ground it into a good cause and contribute in ways only you know how. You’re deep insight in much needed in society and perhaps this will be the year you’re taken seriously. Imagine yourself at your finest degree amongst a community who appreciates you. What are you doing? What are you saying? That will be a good starting point on the direction to swim next.


Remember, our big change, Saturn leaving Sagittarius to return home to Capricorn is in full swing. Making little steps to make it work in your favor now will greatly benefit you in the next few years.  I’ll be tying my next article on Saturn’s affects in with this one to show you how things are already lining up for the near future. Take the reins of your reality, you deserve the chance to create it just as you want.



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