F*cking Fit Mom Monday


I am getting it in late tonight, as this Monday is the start of a Step Mom week, and it always takes a little extra effort to get to “me” time. As I predicted, I am less enthusiastic this week as I’m about to spend yet another five days feeling and watching my flab shake around. So how do I stick with it when I’m impatient and discouraged by my body?

I ignore it. Like I said, I’ve been here before in one way or another. Results take time and the best thing I can do is not focus on what isn’t going to change overnight. Just like the dirty dishes, this workout has to get put away at some point in order for me to move on to more enjoyable things like snuggling my son. In fact, I’ve mastered the habit of not looking at anything but my face in the mirror, and wearing baggy clothing so I can forget about it in public. I’m a perfectionist by nature, and I’ve learned how to trick myself into staying mentally healthy.

It also helps that I have such a supportive partner, who is always willing to watch my son while I sneak away, or makes sure I understand that I’m already beautiful, the fitness is just a perk. The best part is that I know he’s genuine in his flattery and it quiets a lot of my self pressure.

And since I’m focusing on HIIT (high impact interval training) to get back into things and melting down my excess weight, I’ve also taken count for my diet. Since I’m breastfeeding, this has become a little trickier as I don’t want to negatively affect my milk supply for little man. I just make sure to chug water throughout the day, and am adding extra greens for snacks and at all meals. I’ve never been overly indulgent in carbs and so I don’t have to watch that too much, thought I can be a bit of a cookie monster. So I get smart by buying the kind I don’t like, so the household doesn’t have to suffer through my nutrition goals. I try to sweeten with honey as much as I can, and I cut dairy from my diet, but that’s mostly because it seems my TH has a sensitivity to it just like I did in my youth. The worst part about that is not being able to utilize my favorite, high protein yogurt as a healthy snack alternative. I’d usually do smoothies as well as an on-the-go meal replacement but I’m still totally burned out on smoothies from pregnancy!

Anyway, like I said, I’m being realistic. I’m learning to fit this into an already hectic, new life schedule, and I plan to be as successful as I can without beating myself up when I don’t meet my high expectations. As long as I’m not making excuses to get out of the work, I’m on the right track. After this 30 day challenge, however, I’ll be needing to push myself a little harder, having established a solid day to day routine. Below I’ll list some of my favorite snacks + their perks.

What do you do to realistically keep your health + fitness on track?


Snap peas and grapes: Block absorption of bad fats and speed metabolism

Apples: Natural energy boost

Avocado: Healthy fat

Peanut Butter Protein Balls: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/19421842123280585/

Breakfast Toasts: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/129971139221889886/

Sweet Potato: Healthier Root Replacement

Cabbage: original superfood

Oatmeal (huge oatmeal fan): Slow digesting carbs that will help keep you full and energized longer

Hemp milk: FULL of health benefits and leaves your tummy feeling happy

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