F*cking Fit Mom Monday



Here I am, six weeks postpartum (got my okay to workout a few hours ago!) and after my first real workout since finding out I was pregnant. These are crappy, unflattering photos and I really don’t care who sees it. This is life. I want to inspire someone, not make myself look better than I am.


I’ve been itching to get back into a routine and I have to admit it’s a battle to look at my lumpy body every morning, knowing just last summer I was in the best shape of my life. I’ll be honest, I’m not the woman who honors her new “mom” bod simply because it pushed a cute watermelon out of a keyhole. My delivery and birth experience was amazing and I revel at how much pain my body could take, and thanks to drugs, I enjoyed ushering out my little boy with the strength I had built over years of physical training. It reminded me that I was still strong and would soon be back in the gym.

With that said, I’m not being unrealistic or over the top with my goals. I’ve been in this game long enough to know results are long term goals. I’ve decided to return to basics with this 30 day challenge (link at the bottom) I did years ago at the beginning of my fitness journey. I want to shed the left over weight from ENJOYING being pregnant before I worry too much about building muscle. Trying to do both at once is not easy, and let’s face it, I have a new baby and a new life. I need to fit this into my schedule as responsibly as I can if I want to be successful.

So what can I say after my first workout back?

I’m stronger than I thought I was, and stronger with more belly/thigh/hip fat and no arm muscles than I was when I did it the first time, as a “skinny fat” 20-something. I will also need a better sports bra, as my “itty bitties” have a whole lot of liquid plumping them up and swishing them around. Beyond that….it’s Day 1. I finished on the high of a new beginning and positive prospect for the future. Let’s see how I feel in a week when I’m tired, sore, bored of the routine and not as enthusiastic about a fresh start.

In the end, I’m doing this for my son and my mental health as my hormones bounce around (I will also be posting a blog on my mental health experience, postpartum). He’s only six weeks, but I am a firm believer that he is just as observant and absorbent now as he will ever be. I want to show him what hard work and persistence will get him. I don’t want him to grow up watching Momma sitting on her ass, letting time slip by, and expecting everyone else to provide for her needs. Greatness is never accomplished by expecting other people to hand it to you.

Find your motivation and get going, it’s Monday, the best day to start something new. Do what you can with what you have to start. Be a goddess and manifest your own dreams, not a doormat on the floor waiting for someone else to sweep up your mess. Yes, I mean you. Be real with yourself and get going! If I can, you can. And if you don’t believe I have it just as hard as you stay tuned for my wrap up of 2017…

A quick note about the video below:

I love this girl. If you choose to try it out make sure you stick through to the end for her little motivational chats, or find the website to see her coffee talks. There were times my first round with it that she had me in tears, pushing through some emotional shit that would have otherwise made me quit the workout because I was tired and fatigued. I swear to you the mind+body connection is real and she’ll get you there. Plus, it’s free!

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