Glorious Reception: Meditating to Move Forward


A shift is going on in all of our lives, some more subtle, others blaringly obvious, depending where you’re at in the process. Either way make sure you take the time to really sit back and see what’s going on. Look at all the facts, all the possibilities, and all the messages before you decide to move forward. Sometimes the message comes swiftly and other times it unfolds in its own time. Understand your individuality and go with the pace that Nature has adopted for you. Will you hesitate where you need to jump? Or will you jump where you should have hesitated? Collectively,  I think that is the major theme going on. We’re all letting go and shedding in one way or another, but it’s time to turn off your ears to outside sources, stop following what others are doing around you. Really understand what you need to do and go with that flow. Get out of your own way with external influences, and don’t throw a wrench in the machine (or anyone else’s) that’s working just fine simply because it’s not how you thought it’d run or how others think it should. Go within to Source and listen to what the Wise Ones have to tell you.


I keep getting the imagery of building a palace, or a castle. Building an entire new world. Below I have created an intuitive flow of this imagery. Find where you are in the river of creation and move forward from there, for guidance.



Maybe you’ve been feeling stressed out about your work and how you handle emotional stress. Quiet the outside sources, let go of how you used to do things, because you are not that you anymore. If you’re feeling off, stop fighting it, you’re coming into a new phase in your life and a new you, embrace it! Don’t bother yourself with how others perceive you, and trust in the intuition that is guiding you forward. In fact, jump in head first, sure of your strength and don’t stress about it. As long as you do the work to get your life in order, as long as you listen to what guides you, and you put yourself in an optimal position to manifest, your big dive into the deep new you will be wonderful and exciting! Demolition has begun.


Sometimes our worlds get turned upside down after not listening for so long. Are you actually happy at your job, or are you realizing that it isn’t all that you thought it would be? Do you feel like you’re wearing yourself down without getting the results that can provide you with the comfort you like having? Sometimes we are called, almost heartbreakingly, out of the blue to utterly change directions. Take some time to meditate and search for what kind of work would make you happy, all the while supporting a positive health routine for you day to day. You have to be operating from a full battery in order to rebuild the foundations. You can not create abundance in your outer realms if you are rotting inside.


And this sometimes means letting go of old beliefs in order to create a new mindset. Life is changing and it’s all very positive. You have an opportunity to attain a higher happiness. Readjust your home to reflect the happiness you wish you create, make an atmosphere to support all these positive changes your making and realizing. Don’t let it stress you out, let it be a source of giving back to your soul center. Step into a new view of how your life can be! Feel the stimulation it causes and enjoy the transition. Don’t be tripped up by delays in your exciting change, it’s part of the process when big things are happening. Pay attention to those delays instead and understand their importance. Relax and it’ll all run it’s course.


Whatever you had swept under the rug in the past may come up before you move forward and it will be wise of you to consider these things and deal with them. They are old and retired feelings and it’s time to be clear of them. Clear out the cobwebs. There’s no more time for feeling worthless or disconnected from investments and intimacy. Quiet your mind and listen to yourself, and you will know where to go and what to do. It’s not necessary to question your intuition at this time, just be honest about what you’re feeling and work towards the letting go and healing of what you previously ignored.  Disempower what no longer serves you.


This means understanding your relationships better. It’s easy to get lost in a routine without realizing change and evolution is upon us. This is a positive time to sit back and listen to your guides. Where does Ego block progression in your relationships (not just romantic ones, people.)? Let go of these anxieties so that big, awesome news has space to reach you.  Are you afraid to be in a relationship or afraid to be single (in life and business)? Is money a contributing factor? Look at how you use your money. Either manage it wisely or understand where you need to take intelligent opportunities. Rethink how you utilize your finances. Take some time to sit back and listen, see all the different routes and possibilities. Understand the discomfort you’ve been experiencing is a created opportunity to grow. Sometimes waiting, even when you’re impatient, is the smarter decision. Take some of that forward energy and give it back to yourself. RELAX…it’s all coming to you.  Let it. If you’re constantly moving around how can blessings catch up with you?


And when these blessings and changes come, accept them into your heart. It’s time to leave your day to day behind and step into the unknown. As you build a new world and leave the old one ask what’s the best for you. Listen. Get over the excuses to bring the old with you, it’s dead. Your time in the void of transition should have been used to let go of things and people that do not support your new reality. Again, listen. Gain power from the feelings you’re latching onto and allow them to drive the themes of your present and future. Even if that means creating a circle with people you hadn’t expected to bring along (or leave behind). Don’t trap yourself in a fickle life by using old material to build your empire’s foundation.


Realize the people in your life are a reflection of you. It’s time to leave those old reflections, these old memories and  old attachments behind. You’re in a new place that’s really happy, don’t fall back into old negative patterns and wreck what you already have going. Look at your circle. There will be people and things you feel like you’re not ready to let go of, and when you notice who and what they are, don’t just throw it out and replace it with something else that’s just as bad. It’s time to stop creating that toxicity in your life. Look to who you can communicate to for support. Be an observer and be relentless about holding onto what’s good in your life.


You have to have a discerning eye when you’re creating something totally bad ass. Why would you spend so much time building new foundations on blood and tears only to taint it with what pained you in the process? You know what goals you have, so surround yourself with people who will help lift you up to them. You’re the king of your court, and it’s up to you to decide who is worthy to lavish in your palace with you. Don’t get in the way of the gifts being presented to you, go with the flow and let what falls away do just that.


As needless things create space for expansion, looks at the facts. What little aspects in your day-to-day keep you from going to bigger places? If you see it and say nothing then you will always be stuck. It’s time for some tough conversations to happen. Where is your career holding you back? What working partnerships and relationships need to change? What people or opportunities will cause forward movement? Do not fear change. Put out feelers, submit your resume, make phone calls to the potential of having the support you need for the life you dream of. Be realistic about where you are in your current job and the people in it. Is it a dead end? Are the people in your life (work, love, family) supporting you in where you want to go? Be honest about what you need from all of them. You will not gain clarity in silence at this point. You know what you want, so have the balls to reach out for it. Light your fire and have the ambition to go where you want and leave what no longer makes you happy.


You have to stop making decisions based on how you feel you’ll simply make money, and look more towards how your passion and talents can bring the abundance to you. Start bringing in people and things that will help you build this ability. There is no longer any point in doing something that doesn’t feed you in return, figuratively just as equally as physically. You’ve outgrown the box you built, this has already been established, so stop thinking like you did in the box and get creative now that you have the space in this big castle of chances. Take a chance on that “maybe” rattling around in the corner of your mind, begging for attention. Seek spiritual guidance to help create a progressive and efficient way to create what you’re dreaming about. Turn from everything that lacks passion and bring awareness to possibility.


This may require some of your Ego to die. Be open to doing things differently, and maybe from sources outside of yourself. Remember you’ve brought all these positive people into this new place in your life for a reason. Step into togetherness. Don’t be stubborn about control and doing things your way. What kind of ruler do you want to be? A tyrant or an Intelligent? Be open minded to new ideas, new places. It’s scary to be vulnerable to other people, but don’t let that disempower all the work you’ve done to get here. Don’t bail out just because it’s uncomfortable, you’ll be missing out on something you couldn’t even see coming.  Learn to love collectively as much as you love in self, it will evolve your world quickly and tremendously, despite the reservations you may have in this new land you’ve created. Stop trying to alter the course you set out on so long ago. Let the beauty unfold naturally, however it may come to you.

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It’s time to grow up. Pay attention to the greatness around you and recollect all that you’ve let fall through your fingers. Get out of your own way for good. You have created a reality for happiness, and now it’s time to let it remain. Let your soul be healthy, don’t bridge your bullshit onto the people around you, take responsibility for it and transmute it into taking better care of yourself. You are the Great Manifestor of your reality. It is up to you how this new world will operate, so be wise in your choices. Find gratitude in what’s around you and cherish you’ve created. What you choose to do now will be with you for a very long time.

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