Star Child Diaries: Illuminate Your Best Reality, Lunar Eclipse in Leo


I’m sitting in a round room, heart pounding against my chest, breath quickening. All around me plain white doors are flying open and slamming shut. Each threshold shows different scenarios and worries I hold within me, and others open me to that of the people I’m surrounded by. All of them tainted with a sense of frenzy and fear. The commotion of movement is distracting, the loud noise drowning out my thoughts. With my ears covered, I fight against the chaos. 

“Enough!” I yell into the echoing room.

All falls silent. My body slows. My mind relaxes. I feel the veiled glow seep in through the glass roof above me and I look up, smiling. There the moon shines amongst a starry night, partially eclipsed by the light of the collective source that feeds us. I can feel the soft light slip through my thin, white shirt and kiss the tops of my shoulders. My hands fall to my knees and I sit in meditation, tuning into a song I hadn’t listened to for some time.

Little Voice speaks up and recounts all of the experiences I’ve embraced over the last six months. She allows me to understand the patterns, themes, and skills I’ve collected. My mind shifts and combines them into a tapestry of dreams and possibility. A map full of practical application starts to form a clear path for the new chapters in my life.  I remember who I was, who I am, and who I wish to become. All the things I love best, all the things that have always made my soul sparkle. A door opens. I rise and walk through it. Into peace, into joy, into love.

Crossing through the threshold, I step into a world full of whimsical beauty. A Neverland, A Wonderland for an adult who never stopped being a lost boy. The wild woman in me stretches her legs after a long rest, the colors that make up my body are enhanced. My eyes shine brighter. The eclectic vibrance that lends itself to my writing shifts and laughs. The slightly ragged attire that makes my tomboy feel alive combines with the intensity of my intellect, and I walk forward down the grassy path. Others join me. We collect and connect. We move together. I’m no longer worried about how I’ll fit in with the growing tribe around me. I have faith that I will. I open myself to the opportunity that was opened to me and embrace it, despite the unusual feeling that may come. 

I have had this occurring vision all day. The more I learned and meditated on the themes of the world around and within us, I couldn’t help but share in the creative way I love best. Sometimes stories seem to tell what we wish to say more clearly than dictation. Especially when the message lies within the emotional realm.

In a time that seems to be influenced by such intensity, our tendency to react emotionally also rises. In many ways, I think it to be such a great chance to awaken what really matters. So often we find comfort in just sliding along, witnessing and half acting upon the things we see. Sometimes it’s almost as if the noise numbs us a bit. We walk around in circles, talking and repeating ourselves to people who will listen. We become overwhelmed with these things and rush to action without ever questioning what our root motivations are. But how productive is that process?

I am an impulsive person. I tend to act emotionally and with great force. However, over the years, I’ve learned that in some cases, taking a little time to really understand what’s happening and how it truly affects me is a much more productive route to getting what I want; be it change or otherwise. Checking in with yourself, who you are, and understanding the essence of your desires is so important while navigating the path that you’re walking.

Take some time today to just be with you. The inner you, the child you forget in the playroom when you go to work or school. Remember what makes you feel alive and feed into that. Not the hysteria, not the world around you. Not tonight. Just take a little break and remember your joy and go play. Heal and awaken what you’ve lost in the turbulence of the last few months. Take all the treasures you’ve found in your adventures and see what they can make together.

Remember you are uniquely you. Tap into the infinite power of that. You exist, you are here. Therefore, you are important. You’re important just being you. It’s simply powerful. The magnetism that is created when you let yourself shine is astounding, trust me. Now go howl under the moon and forget all this seriousness for a moment or two. Raise your vibration. Focus less on how your desires will manifest, and have faith that they will. Open yourself to possibility, to surprise.

The eclipse tonight will bring the chance for abrupt endings/beginnings and vice versa. But it is all centered around the power of Leo (“I am”) and the lessons you’ve learned in your relationships the past six months or so (Jupiter Rx in Libra). Let the rebellious passion (Uranus) fuel you for positivity and center you in love. Tap into the magic of your subconscious patterns and see where you are self sabotaging your happiness, your love (Pisces energy). Shift into a place of self healing, project that outward to the collective (Sun in Aquarius) and make your mark, your difference. Set your intentions clearly in love tonight and see what this month brings you, tribe. It has the chance to be truly incredible.

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