Star Child Diaries: Full (Moon) Recovery and Transitional Manifesting


I would have liked to write about the full moon before it happened, but I was too caught up in the magic. Being that it was in my moon sign of Pisces, I wanted to go into this experience with eyes wide open and heart exposed. One of the most important things to remember is to experience your life as it stands before you. The rest can wait. Sharing can wait. Social media can wait.

Did any of you find the past weekend to be a little crazy? Were emotions running to the extremes? Maybe you flew off the handle into the star studded realm of day dreams? I know I experienced moments of hopelessness, where I sat wondering how all that I was seeing in front of me would ever come to fruition. There were times when I thought I had lost the opportunity to taste the dreams just out of reach. I chose to keep faith and stay in my center, regardless. I chose to believe that all would work out just as it was supposed to. And it did. The restraints fell away and I finished off the weekend in unimagined bliss. There were so many intensely wonderful moments that I woke up Monday feeling a little exhausted and overwhelmed from all that had transpired. I had run an emotional and sensory marathon.

It is so important to allow yourself the time to process such intense experiences, and to give yourself time to savor the details. Understanding the timeline of events that happened over last weekend will only better prepare you for what’s to come this week. The Equinox is tomorrow, marking a momentous time in our realities. Tonight is for reflection.

Mercury Rx in Virgo is closing out. As an interior thinker, I don’t know if it affected me as intensely as others, but I do know I spent a lot of time contemplating the details of my life and my manifestations. As I had mentioned, it was a time to understand what you are seeking out of your life and to scrutinize your plan for bringing these desires to you. What is your conclusion? What have you decided to do? How have you decided to achieve it? What experiences in the past three weeks have brought you enlightenment? What did your conflicts or struggles teach you? I like to think that the past three weeks were like creating vision boards, and the weekend was the experience that allowed you to shift from visualization to manifestation. Take note of what happened over the weekend as it is what you are rapidly manifesting as a theme for your future reality. Find the guidance, recap on what’s been brought to your attention, and make some final plans before Monday.

I have spent yesterday and today revisiting the weekend and I feel like I have literally jumped realities. Old memories are faded and far away, like a dream I can barely remember. Massive healing and awakening occurred by the ocean of San Clemente, and I know it was no coincidence I spent the weekend near the water. I have decided to take the most beautiful parts of this weekend with me into the transitions ahead of us. This has been a hard year for me, and most of us. Now is a good time to shake it off. You have learned what you needed and you are about to step through a new threshold. Be careful what you decide to take with you for it is going to stick around. Do you feel that sense of new beginnings near by? Are you starting to receive a little clarity on your soul path? Starting to get an idea of what the hell you’re doing? Then you are on track. If not, take this time to think. To meditate. To awaken. Soon you won’t feel so stuck, so unable to move forward.

This year’s fall equinox has Libra’s kiss all over it. Perhaps the most important theme to consider is the relationships you are mirroring, for that is what you will carry with you for some time to come. What kind of people do you want to bring into your new reality? What kind of people do you desire to connect with? Envision your dream, include only the best people around you. It’s time to make a hard definition of what you need and don’t need in your life, including the energy of the relationships around you. This is a time for departing and uniting, be wise about who you choose to do what with. I don’t want this to sound like a dark omen, because it is far, far from that. In fact, with the arrival of the equinox on Thursday, comes a certain brilliance and positivity. Look to these questions with stars in your eyes. Look around at what you’ve manifested for yourself in this very moment. I feel certain that there is a sense of beauty when you look to your future and you have every right to hang on to that feeling.

This year has been a year of letting go, and things not working out. We are finally moving towards forward movement and life changing opportunities. Call to this weekend asking for miracles and you just may receive them, if you are ready. Sunday is an opportunity for divine experience. Do you have a dream you’ve wanted to see fulfilled? Make a step toward it in whatever way is possible. Expect the wondrous and unexpected. Stay open to chance meetings,  holy reception, eternal connection, and all that you never could have imagined materialize in front of you. This is a week to follow your intuition and to let go of hesitation, let the push you feel take you into higher ground. I have foreseen the themes for myself this week, and come Monday I may feel brave enough to share the journey I started in April. But in the meantime, I will leave you with some questions to help focus you before the magic begins. Go outside, be in peace. Write the answers down, make them physically in your reality and be aware of what you are creating. Be true to who you are. Monday we step through the door, bringing these things into our new future.

Who are you? 

What do you want? 

What kind of world do you wish to create?

What kind of relationships do you want to be surrounded by? 

What is most valuable to you? 

Remember, there are no wrong answers. Only the truth.

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