Save Yourself: Let Go

let go

We’ve all been there. Off in the distance you can see a better version of yourself. One that is happier, healthier, more successful. You never feel like you can get there no matter how hard you try. I have secret: Let go of all you perceive you should be and sit in the now in the human you are.

Let Your(outdated)self Fall.


Let go of the fear, it’s an old mindset. Let all of what keeps you from emerging slide off your soul, off your skin. What patterns and habits are you repeatedly allowing to keep you at a stand still? Instead of reacting with anger, try peace. Instead of being an escapist when things get hard, try standing your ground and riding out the storm. Instead of beating yourself up when something doesn’t work out, try building yourself up.

What part of yourself do you wish to access? What old way of thinking is keeping you from getting there? Let it go. Stop it today. What expectations keep you in a negative and impossible mindset? Drop them. There is no longer time and space for all the reasons why something didn’t work out or why you cannot simply say goodbye to what’s holding you back. Quit the job. Or apply for it. Leave the girl. Leave the guy. Or say hello. Stop talking to your best friend. Or make a new one. Get up and go to the gym. Stop allowing negative self talk. There will never be any space for the new and evolved you unless you make room for it. No one else is going to do that for you, and your future certainly doesn’t owe you anything. You owe your present a fighting chance. Why not set it up for success? Remind yourself of this every single day. Ask yourself every morning: What no longer serves me? Remember there is no room to get up if there is no space to fall. Don’t get stuck if you don’t feel alive.


Feel the Space, Feel the Fall.


There’s no rush to fill the space you’ve now created for yourself. Enjoy the serenity. Find your center in this place and allow it the chance to bring you its own gifts. You’d be surprised what can enter your life when you don’t rush to create structure or expectations. Many times your life can evolve into something more beautiful than you could ever imagine on your own. Allow yourself to be surprised. Look upon the world with fresh eyes, see what it has to show you. Be an observer, a feeler. Surrender to new sensations, new thoughts, new feelings. Experience all of it with grace and attention.


Get to Work and Trust the Process.

Choose to wake up every morning and be grateful for it. Understand that at any moment your entire life can change. Realize that the end point is never promised, is never really realized and isn’t the important part of your life. Trust the process. Love the process. Notice the people you touch by living in your now. Accept that this reality is just as important if not more important than something that doesn’t exist yet. When you stop living for tomorrow, for the weekend, for the end of a goal, the smallest details become a blessing. Your day to day becomes more beautiful, more successful. You feel happier, healthier. The rush to a blurred finish line becomes less important. Practical Magic after all is about being present for the moment that exists. And that moment is only for you.






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