Star Child Diaries: Mercury Rx and Using Virgo’s Practical Contemplation to Your Advantage

virgo post
I’ve always hesitated to speak and write openly about astrology because it is so dear to me, and not always as dear to others. One of my goals has always been to bring the knowledge from something that sounds silly into a more current and realistic manner. Skeptical about being guided by the tapestry-map God has created? Think of it this way: if the moon’s gravitational pull affects the tides of the ocean, and the human body is also made mostly of water, why would it not also affect us?

Curious? Good. Hear me out.

I thought now was a good time to come out of the astrology closet because the most commonly felt movement is upon us. Mercury Retrograde. It is commonly understood as a time when communication sucks, technology glitches, and any kind of deal you make is not going to end well. If this is all I ever learned about Mercury Retrograde I would think this is a crock of shit, too.

To me, this is a period to step inside yourself and find the power you store there. Daydream, explore what your desires are. Take a break and watch your life instead of controlling it. Watch where and how your relationships need healing, or appreciate how beautiful they’ve become. Check in with yourself and see where you are not allowing free flow. Take the time to figure out new paths and methods. This is not a period of self destruction and bad luck, it’s time to shift yourself out of fear dominated thinking and into one more aligned with love. It’s a time for listening.

So what exactly is Mercury Retrograde? It’s the time in our orbit when we are passing Mercury. It’s a lot like passing a car on the freeway. The planet is not literally going backwards, it only seems that way because we are passing it. It slows down, intensifies. Forward movement seems to be inaccessible. Which is why it is encouraged to slow down with the planet that is symbolized as “The Messenger.” And it slowing in the sign of Virgo, our organized, practical, perfection driven, type-A sign, means time to reassess and recalculate. I know, I know. More logic, less magical bullshit. Just give me this paragraph.

Where has your focus been this year? Time to focus on your passion and drive it forward with precise purpose.  Where has it faltered? Did you start after goals this year only be to set back by things you hadn’t seen coming? Did you jump on an “opportunity” only to realize that it wasn’t all that you thought it’d be? I know I definitely did. But that does not mean I was completely off track either. There are no mistakes in life. Unveilings, maybe. Lessons definitely. Keep your eyes wide open and look back on this year to analyze where there were half truths or hard lessons in jumping to conclusions. This is your chance to regrip and reinvent. Cut the fat. Allow yourself to see the little details so that you are best prepared for the end of September. This includes operating on a clearer plane of Self, too.

Where have you let yourself get lazy, or slide from your purest form? Have you realized over the course of this year that maybe you are not all you thought you were? This should be read as an empowering question! Maybe it’s time to gain some clarity on your soul and accept who you are more simply. Now is the time to understand the magic of what’s inside so that when opportunity comes knocking you can step forward as a shining example of what makes you an individual.  Now is the time to let the distractions fall away so that your path is no longer cluttered. Let your integrity guide you back into alignment. In doing this, you will also be able to guide others by being your truth. 

It’s so important to understand how you guide others by living, and how you let them guide you. Chase after the relationships that elevate you, the people who bring you into a higher state of mind. How are you also feeding their soul? The collective as a whole is starving for the empowerment love brings. In knowing yourself, you can know others. Look into their eyes and see a reflection of you. Remember always how you’d want to be handled in their situation. Let them be a healing mirror and act accordingly. Who do you need to walk away from? What parts of yourself do you need to let go? Chances are you can’t find the answer to the first question without the other. Take this time to turn inward and reassess your experiences with others and understand the purpose of the relationship. Transmute it into a love inspired interaction as best you can. Living in line with loving relationships will only help cater to your soul movement. Create a tribe of support and acceptance around you. Give yourself the chance to be the leader of your life, give others the chance to help you in a positive manner.

Mercury Retrograde can be very productive, really. Even more so in Virgo, the lady of purity. So purify your perspective. Instead of focusing on how things didn’t work out as you planned, and letting these road blocks defeat you, let this time be an opportunity to take those lessons and develop a hyper-realized plan of attack. The genius of Virgo is slipping into your opportunities, so you may as well lean on this sign’s perfected brilliance and use it to your benefit. Wrap up old training so that you are best prepared for all the new beginnings that are simultaneously being incubated. Now is the time to slow the rapid fire, take a detailed look at what’s been burned and what’s regrowing. Polish what was tarnished by the ash of experience. Then you can redirect the flames of passion with strength and precision.

And remember….

Everything is an empathic truth, a subjective interpretation. Even the pull of the moon, or the magnetic force of a slowing planet. Use this as a guiding outline to your own truth, your own definition. Nothing is ever concrete.




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