Walking the Talk


I started this blog with a declaration of its purpose and why I wanted to write to all of you. I want to take a stand against the status quo and show how it is an outdated model of thinking. I wanted to help all of you understand your unique trait, your purpose, your darling.


You cannot be like everyone else, you can be only you. I want you to understand that you have a detrimental purpose to being alive and existing  right now. I can bombard you will heartfelt posts, and serenade you with passion, but I know nothing is more effective than being the change I wish to see in the world. I need to lead by example, inspire by action. We can sit behind our desks and soak our faces in the glow of the computer screen, singing out what should be done, but what good does that do without action? Do we really expect to blurt our ideas into no man’s land so that everyone else can make movement for us?

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Our realities are created first within and as our perception of self grows into a place of love and alignment, only then can our outer perception of what’s around us change. I’ve noticed a feeling of displacement and a need for transition in the people around me. I notice this within myself. We are ready for the next shift in our lives, but seem to be nestled in a little bit of limbo. I do not fear change, in fact, I embrace and thrive in it and am constantly having to remind myself of this as I decondition from society’s fear of something new. So here is my proclamation and supporting movement to be a leader of change, even if on a small and personal scale.

I am taking the first steps towards living a life I am in control of creating and one that is authentic to my purest self. I am a creator, an artist, a giver, a binder (as my birth name has hinted at). All of these things are the foundations of my existence. I have officially created a subdivision to Chase Your Darling where my art can be shared. You can find it on Instagram (@chaseyourdarling) and I intend to run business out of an Etsy shop by mid-January (some cool merchandise is in development now). I want to show myself and others that our natural talents are meant to support our lives. We are meant to move into a state where what comes easily to us is what we “do.” We are meant to live in joy. The entire universe benefits from this. Create joy, love, peace, happiness by being it, not just talking about it.

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Lastly, I know a lot of you have been asking what’s going on with my book writing. I’m juggling the relaunching of book one early next year (so stay tuned for all sorts of fun things!), writing book two, and painting. I have joined up with one of my best friends to create a new endeavor in publishing. We are walking our walk. We want to extend our outreach beyond our separate realities. We want to practice synchronization on a small scale so that we may understand how to do this on a big scale in the near future. We want to join talents to create something bigger than our singular selves and build a place that encourages the development of everyone’s soul path.  The future of Dream Wakers (and The Veiled Prophecy Series!) will be our first step. I look forward to starting the new year with a blank page and a revitalized perspective. Things are in transition from self to collective!


I know I’m talking big scale ideas. I will work to narrow it down in the following weeks in hopes of helping all of you find what your joy is. Walk your soul path. Reach out to me! What’s going on in your life? How can I help you find your soul path and your joy?


Here are some tips for being the ideals you speak about:

  1. Check in with your habits frequently. Throughout the day make sure to ask yourself if what you’re doing is serving your highest purpose.
  2. Energy goes where attention flows. Work to break habits that do not support what you believe in; down to the pages you look at on social media, or the gossip you partake in.
  3. Ask yourself what you can do to display your truth instead of how you can explain it to people. Lead by example, not dictation.
  4. Check in to make sure you are current on your ideals. Have you outgrown what you once thought to be truth?

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