Wolves and Killer Whales: What Dreams Have Taught me

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The power of our imagination has been left remarkably untapped in modern society. We ridicule it and drop it in neat little boxes like “fake” and “fiction.” The clarity of your subconscious can be so strange and so unbelievable we tend to cast it aside for what’s tangible in front of us. Dreams are sometimes the most under valued gifts from the mysterious parts of our existence.  Why do we dream? What purpose does it serve? Take a moment and really think about it. Do you think if it held no significance that it would still happen? Has anything happened in your life that was truly insignificant? No.


I have had vivid dreams my entire life. They have served as stories, guidance, clarity, love, support, everything. I gain more knowledge and wisdom from my mind’s subconscious language than I do anything else. Your subconscious is not bound by that which defines reality. Your subconscious does not have to follow any rules, knows no prejudice, and feels everything. When you make a conscious intention to honor your dreams, you will be surprised by what you will remember and feel upon waking. We can be stubborn about truth, or change, or love. Our subconscious, married with the BEAUTIFUL imagination, creates messages for us to decipher and apply when we are awake. Are you brave enough to listen? Not sure? I have a blog post on that too 😉

So how can dreams become important in your waking life? Can they change your life? Yes.

I have been deeply connected to wolves, orcas and other forms of wildlife since childhood. If you want me to listen to you about anything include animals into the conversation and you will have my undivided attention. As I’ve grown older, I have connected with what animals truly are and the reason they existence on this planet. I have experienced awesome lessons through the subtle teachers of the animal kingdom. Maybe one day I will tell you about those. Anyway, my subconscious in dream state will always relay the most important messages to me through the symbolic or spiritual values of any animal species. I’ve had multiple dreams about a wolf named Silver. In Native American culture (one of my favorites as shown in my book), wolves represent a sharp intelligence, appetite for freedom, and great intuition. In one particular dream, I was standing at a fork in the road. One path lead me into the forest, the other through an open field to city buildings. He served as encouragement to walk into the forest, in the natural world where I felt most alive, even if that meant walking alone, against what society had believed was best.


How does this translate into my “real” life? At the time, I was struggling with what direction I wanted to take with my book. It needed to be majorly revised, and that was going to be extremely time consuming. I was struggling with making financial goals and felt like it was more important to put time and effort into getting a “big girl” job. It’s something I have battled with this year. I have been taught my entire life to suck it up and do what you’re supposed to, whether you like it or not, because that’s how you get ahead. I was slowly killing my soul by constantly putting myself last. I was truly at a crossroads. Silver served as symbolic support from my intuition/imagination/subconscious to move toward putting myself, and my passions, first. I thought, what the heck, and never looked back. It was the best decision I have ever made. My book has been revised and awaiting its next step (agent or self-publish…a decision I will work through and elaborate on for my fellow writers out there). It has evolved into something much bigger than I ever intended and all because I let my crazy out and listened to a dream wolf.

My life has been a snowball of awakenings this year and as I come to understand these amazing things, I am thus inspired to shout it from the top of this blog page in hopes that someone else may also be able to experience these things. My eyes are open and my mind is turning. I have learned so much this year I can hardly hold it all in my brain! I finally tasted a little satisfaction in my universal and infinite soul journey.

Then I dreamt about a killer whale. I couldn’t save it from the cruelty of a stranger, and it was horrible. I won’t embark on the graphic details. Again I was left to face the grave symbolism of my subconscious realm. The realm where there is only truth; light and dark. First of all, orcas are amazing sentient beings and if you don’t know a lot about them I suggest you take a few minutes to learn. I could not begin to relay the magnificence they behold. They are also symbolic of speaking your truth and being proactive about the things you believe in. I was slammed in the head with the realization that I was talking the talk, but I wasn’t always walking the walk. It was time to step up and out, or let someone else take my truth and butcher it. This journey is still fresh and extremely personal, perhaps something I will share in the future, when the feelings aren’t so raw and scary. Let this vague little story serve now as a message of good faith and an example of my own intention to have faith in my senses/feelings/intuition. I can feel the shackles of old opinions loosening.dreamblog3

I hope you dream, I hope you ask your subconscious to guide you. I hope you listen. The places you will go, the people you will meet, and the messages you will receive cannot be bought with money. Nothing will be more sensational to you as you continue to discover yourself and your very essence. Magic truly starts to happen when you allow your subconscious power to play when you are awake. Don’t be afraid to take your dreams seriously, and start asking questions about the thoughts you spend time on. Now is always a good time to start down the path of being intentionally YOU.  dreamblog

Do you ever wonder who those people are in your dreams? Perhaps one day I can help you answer that…


2 thoughts on “Wolves and Killer Whales: What Dreams Have Taught me

  1. Very unique view on the dream world. Inspiring as well. I’ve always appreciated the power of dreams. Haven’t had many lately, but I believe dreams and the subconscious are way for the mind to see every possibility of every situation that could happen, and definetly has ways of showing us what paths lead to where. Good luck on your path!

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