Plugging back in

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Writing isn’t an occupation, it truly is a lifestyle. It takes precedence over any other priority simply because you cannot help it. A few months ago, I had to ask myself to unplug from the demands of platform building and return to the fantastic world that I am building. I was able to get a copy of my novel into the office of a major film producer for review. Though the genre was a mismatch, I was provided with invaluable insight into what an insanely successful motion picture company looks for when selecting books for film adaptation. Excited and armed with this information, I realized it was time to pull the plug on the self-published journey. I needed to return to the manuscript and prepare it for a far bigger journey than I could have ever imagined. Screws got tightened, ideas were expanded, and the overall plot was enhanced. Carefully selected beta readers are doing their last look throughs and I am now preparing the updated material for agents. It is time to hand it over to people more experienced in the publication industry. I never thought in a million years that so much interest would be generated about my little story and I cannot be more grateful. Please follow along with me as this adventure grows!

Ibook blog1 want to depart with something I’ve learned through experience. You cannot be afraid to look like a fool if you want to succeed. Your best teacher is your last mistake. Be fearless. Be free. Create the world you want to live in.

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