Book Review Reveal


Next For Review: The White Company by Arthur Conan Doyle

Genre: Historical Fiction/Classic Literature

Synopsis from “This spirited account of the exploits of a crew of Saxon archers during the Hundred Years War features cameo appearances by historical figures such as Edward III and the Black Prince. Flavorful and realistic in its depictions of medieval life, the novel combines the excitement of a rugged adventure with the romance of chivalry.”

Why I chose it: I adore Arthur Conan Doyle, especially after learning more about his life. He was born in 1859 and took to his mother’s outlandish stories as a child in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was shipped off from his magical home at a young age to England and ended up in medical school as an adult, all the while knowing he was instinctively a writer and storyteller. He once mentioned how grateful he was for having so little clientele as a medical practitioner because it gave him plenty of time to write in his office. Eventually Sherlock Holmes took root and Doyle utilized its popularity to write what he was most passionate about: his spiritualism.

After realizing how little he enjoyed writing his wildly popular series, I was determined to dig deeper into the mind of a man I looked up to. I’m curious to learn about the spiritualism movement he joined, but don’t want the classic writing style to distract me.  So I am starting with a genre and history I love as I readapt. It’s been a spell since I dug into some of the classics and I am thrilled to refresh myself.

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